Monday, November 11, 2019

Engagement Photo Tips/To Dos - Dumbo Brooklyn

HAPPY FALL YALL! HOW are we in NOVEMBER already - and nearing mid-month?! Ready for this season and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some festive photos Chayson and I did during our engagement shoot in NY. Thanks again Griff - once again you are a master at the snaps! We wanted fun memories and sharing with a friend is always the way to go!
Overall we have been busy busy this season - new jobs, travel, weddings, wedding planning...and ALL GREAT things. Going through all my saved snaps and I was thinking I need to get back to the blog life. Sharing a few engagement pic tips we learned along the way.

Engagement Pic Tips/To Dos

  1. Plan Ahead of time  - Give yourself enough time to figure out what you want your shoot to look like - A special place? Love a certain look/theme? See something that inspired you? I would say about a month out is when we cracked down on the specifics. I knew for sure we wanted snaps in New York.
  2. Book the Photographer - research the area you choose for any well known photographers or friends with skills in the area. If you are in NYC I cannot recommend Griffin Ungar enough! She always does an amazing job. Scrolling instagram hashtags and locations is helpful so you can get an idea on their work/aesthetic.
  3. Plan Your Style - Pick a few seasonal and non seasonal looks. I wanted fall but also season-less romantic dressy photos (Central Park Photos) (Brooklyn Bridge Photos) Also one thing Griffin did that I liked was black and white pics. This helps with seasonality and definitely framing for the home once that is in order.
  4. Have 1-2 Sessions - If there are several looks this helped break things up without the rush. The morning light worked best for us and we only had so much time before the sun was fully up. We did Friday and Saturday morning around 7am to beat the crowds. 
  5. Pack a Bag - Friday/Saturday each had 2-3 looks. I was able to roll my outfits in a bag and add any touch up products (Lipsticks, hair pins, brush). It was pretty windy on the bridge so eye drops helped me out (contact life).
  6. Be the Early Bird - YES I cannot stress this enough especially in crowded cities. The only people in the parks/bridge were others doing exactly what we were doing. So it was not bad at all! But best to beat the crowd over all to not feel rushed.
  7. Beauty Prep - If you are not comfortable doing your hair and makeup I would look into this when you book the photographer. I did my own hair/makeup but if you need a blowout, friend, or makeup artist go girl! The day before I used crest whitening strips and did a second day no hair wash to help with curls.
  8. Save Inspiration- l researched shots on Pinterest (used these here, here, and here) These photos are such great keepsakes and it helps to know exactly what to do when you are there. 
  9. Pose vs. Candids - This is super helpful. You might think you know what you are doing until you're in the middle of it. It's good to save some shot ideas + play around and get fun candids. Lol ACT NATURAL canoodling around in the park ;)  I saved a few poses for shot ideas. These here, here, and here sparked ideas) and Griffin helped direct so having a photographer who has shot couples before is also a must.

NOW What to do with your new snaps?
Hope this was helpful to any newly engaged couples. 


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