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Save the Date 2/22/2020

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AND JUST LIKE THAT - Chayson and I have been officially Engaged for 1 year! Wowyyy time sure does fly. Seriously you guys so so much happens in a year and I have to say I am so thankful to have this guy by my side. Between this year’s highs, lows, and in betweens...I don’t know what I’d do without him. Thankful to have someone who completely gets me and to have my person. It’s seriously so crazy that we have been together for 6 WHOLE YEARS (thanks hunnnn for puttin up with me ;P). 

I love this space to document all the life things and this one is a biggieeee - I wanted to post an update on where I am with the whole planning process/how everything is going so far.
In terms of wedding prep, I have to say it’s really started to pick up over the last couple of months. I know everyone has different timelines and all I have to say is thank goodness I’ve had a while. A year and a half and so far I haven’t had any major stressors...yet. I know it’s bound to happen but each month I’ve been working to check chunks off the list. Overall I have to say that taking our time was one of the best decisions we made during the planning process. It’s really allowed me to enjoy all things wedding, chip away at the list (since life can get crazy), and research/get my life together with my mom and  planner. Ongoing things Chayson and I have been working on are meeting with the church with our marriage prep courses (really love this part) and keeping up with my workouts and beauty prep #OperationWeddingReady (details in another upcoming post).

Where am I in the Process? 

July: I said YAS
August: Enlisted the Bride Tribe - Haiiii Frensss
September: Found the Bridesmaid dresses - DEALS and werkkkPerks...I found the most gorgeous beaded dresses
October: Secured the Church/venue ( we started looking around in Sept) 
November: Engagement Photos - We took these last Fall in NYC. Ooohhh AND I absolutely LOVE how they all turned out. Griffin once again did the most amazing job and I am so thankful we were able to capture these shots back in November (See more pics here - Prev Post)

Took a chill break and brainstormed more...Pinterest y'all

March/April Dress Shopping - FOUND IT (Chayson thinks it's pink ;P) LOVE IT! It did take me awhile on this..
April: Found my wedding planner - If you are able to, I seriously recommend having a planner especially when everything else can get crazy. She has been great coordinating and updating us on all things wedding. It's nice to have a point person who just knows all the things when I'm like ???
May: Guest list/gathering addresses - ayeeee
June/July: Save the dates finalized and sent/Website & Registry in the works
July:Beauty/Hair/ Florals reserved
Ok guys...Last weekend we did the MOST amazing cake tasting lol like we ATE SO MUCH. It was definitely our favorite part. The day before we did another tour at our venue to get an idea on decor/florals. It was nice to get another walk through and plot out the timeline of things...eeeek we are both SO SO excited for our upcoming big day. I’m of course looking forward to it but I do love all the fun Pinterest plan times. I made so many boards I just have them all set private so I can get real nuts haha.

NOW TIME FOR CAKE! All I have to say is Cakes by Gina treated us REAL well!

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