Saturday, June 27, 2020

7 Easy Instant Mood Boosters

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Hi friends! Long time no blog anddd Now PLEASE someone tell me who else needs a little mood boost? We can all agree that the world has been in quite the state (hello 2020) and I think we all could use a few easy inexpensive ways to boost the good vibes. So much has happened both personally and professionally this time has brought on a lot of emotional highs, lows, and in general uncertainty. BUT WE MUST STAY POSITIVE!  I have been trying to find little pick me ups here and there and I have found a few things that have helped me that can help you too! So besides actively trying to get out of comfy clothes and into an actual cute outfit (as pictured, details at the end of this post) below are a few simple ways to add some positive light to your day.

7 Instant Mood Boosters

So I have been using this Five Minute Journal since December (Thank you sistaaa for the prez) and it has been such a nice start to the day. You basically write what you are grateful for, what you look forward to, and daily feel good affirmations. I genuinely look forward to this time in the morning with my warm cup of coffee & this Coconut whip (omg so good)...I’ll add a daily prayer as well. I love to do this post workout shower feelin all clean and fresh. It is such a great feeling. 
2. Get Creative
This is something that I am working on here with this blog space. I have always had a little creative soft spot and I know typically when I have more time to myself I tend to come back to my blog. It is something I enjoy when my time allows and gives me time to learn as I write new posts and find inspiration. SO maybe for you this could be revamping a home space (which I have done as well), painting, creating a vision board, starting your own blog or even pinteresting for inspiration. 
3. Make A Healthy Meal 
I feel my best when I cut out the junk and just make a clean meal. I have a ton of cookbooks and recently my favorite has been by The Defined Dish. Her meals are all easy, quick, and good for you.  Try the slow cooker Chicken Tikka Masala - one of our go to favorites. 
4. Clean Up Your Space
Thank you to Chayson on this one. Fun fact, he is the clean freak. I normally would have things out of control and then go type A clean everything. He has helped me clean as I go and having a clean space and home is so nice to live in. There is something about just having a made bed and clean kitchen that makes me feel good. 
5. Minimal Makeup
Summer mode = less make up for me. Adding a little lipstick/ eye highlight to make the features pop always makes me happy. Lately I have been loving my Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Very Victoria, this all in one Tarte highlight palette, and my Milk Kush brow gel. Post skincare I will add this in. 
6. 30 Mins of Movement - Walk or Workout 
This does not need to be anything crazy extravagant when it comes to the fit moves. I do my daily Obe Fitness workouts in the morning, but if I am in need of something chill/uplifting I’ll do yoga or my walk route. Listen to your fav playlist, podcast, or call a friend. I have had some great catch ups with friends/family during this time. 
7. Ease into the Socials
Sometimes just chatting with a friend can make all the difference. Chances are they have similar relatable feelings...these times y'all. While we trickle back to work from home I am finding it easier to plan a facetime coffee or phone chat.

**Outfit details are actually all resale finds! I seriously get the biggest kick spending half the $ to Get the Look. Loving my PilyQ bottoms, Free People top, & Lanvin sandals.
Hope you find this helpful and everyone is hanging in there and keeping up the kindness and positivity.



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