Friday, July 24, 2020

Tini Time - How to Make A Dirty Martini

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Most friends and family who know me know that pre-wedding I became quite the dirty martini fan. They are super easy to make, minimal in calories, and tres chic!
As I made my way into my mid-late twenties (omg how can I say that) I soon realized that when it comes to alcoholic sips, less is more and quality is key. It does not take much to make a great Martini and I wanted to go ahead and share my go to dirty martini recipe. 

Why make a Dirty - Martini?

So in terms of an alcoholic drink - I would say a dirty martini is relatively “clean”. There is no sugar, it is low cal/carb, and honestly 1 drink and I’m in a good sipping spot.  I knew before my wedding I wanted to be as “clean” as possible - normally I try to balance everything out but I really amped it up a Dec-Feb. Everything from clean eats to clean ish drinks. I almost cut out alcohol altogether but I knew I wanted to enjoy myself with friends/work outings. So if you are looking for something to sip and not want to eat the world (wine makes me want to snack) then this could be a good option for you to try. 

Dirty Martini Recipe 

  • 2 shots Vodka 
  • 1 Shot Olive Juice + 3 Blue Cheese Olives
  • (Normally the classics have vermouth - but I like to make without) 
Fill a shaker with ice, pour shots into the shaker, and SHAKEEEE your little heart out! The colder the better! Pour over a chilled martini glass and garnish with 3 olives on a toothpick ( I love the blue cheese olives). 

**A few Notes: I have tried a few olive juice only mixes and I find still the best is just the juice from the jar. When it comes to the vodka I would try to stick with quality here. Grey Goose or Titos is what I’ll normally use. Something about the savory salty brine is what I really enjoy about this cocktail. Oh and also feeling glam with the pretty martini glasses. We received this gorgeous set from our wedding that I LOVE! 
Hope you find this helpful and Cheers to you! Enjoy!

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