Wednesday, February 6, 2019

WHOLE30 Review + Casual Errands Outfit

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Ah and that is a wrap, January Whole30 is complete and I feel like all the holiday craze has been officially swiped away. As soon as that Day 30 drop hit just felt SO accomplished. And just like previous years...I GET SO into it. I  love the feeling of being able to set a goal and then check it off the list. One that I have stuck to the past 3 years is starting the new year with a clean eats reset.

For those unfamiliar, Whole30 is an elimination method (sugar, gluten, legumes, alcohol, dairy, anything processed = gone) this helps people to discover food sensitivities be reintroducing eliminated foods after or in my case start the new year with positive #nonscalevictory feels and good vibes..For the most part, my weekdays consist of healthy eating but after indulging in all the holiday fun..A month of R&R- I was READY.  I’ve done a few rounds of Whole30 and this time I wanted to give you guys my 2019 Whole30 Review.
The more I’ve worked through different rounds of W30 (this one being #5) I always seem to notice something new. This round I felt especially positive and upbeat - I know we all go through highs and lows, but this past month I’ve felt really good and it’s been nice knowing that its a time to take it easy and recharge.

This Whole30 I often referred to the new Slowcooker Cookbook. If there is anything I LOVE it is a good crockpot recipe. The Mongolian zoodle bowls, Pineapple Chicken, and Sweet Potato chilli were some go to favorites from the book. The Whole30Recipes Instagram page has amazing recipes! I think it’s cool they feature different W30 peeps to share new creative foodies. I saved these below and they were also easy weekly go tos for me.
  1. Swiss ChardWraps
  2. Pineapple Chicken
  3. Brunch Salad
Sundays I would grocery shop and prep 2 main meals and something smaller for breakfast. Then depending on what was leftover I would either add a spinach or zoodle base or top with an egg and sweet potatoes for a bowl. Most of my dinners were left over lunch proteins with whatever veggies I had to make a bowl or swiss chard wrap.

And this is what keeps me coming back every time! The NonScale Victories! ALL the benefits and star feels.
  • W30 isn't necessarily for weight loss but eliminating (sugar, gluten,and booze - it happens). So far every round I have lost a good 5-6 lbs. Choosing to eat more to fuel my workouts/ life is great when it's all nutrient dense protein/good for you fat meals. Gimme all the salmon+Avos.
  • Sugar Dragon is tamed - I know this about myself..when it comes to sweets, I go hard. Cravings are gone and I feel satisfied and full. IF I did have a sugar slump, an apple, date, or berries were an instant blood sugar pick me up. At the moment I am trying to really only yolo it on special occasions, I don't want to hop on the sugar I feel SO much better.
  • Sleep is SO wonderful - I’ve begun to fall asleep much quicker and stay asleep throughout the night. I’ll wake up once and then I’m good to go vs. tossing and turning/ mind racing
  • Inflammation Free- The post NYE bloat was real y’all. Champagne and sugar. It got me! But I’m feeling much more balanced and I definitely feel leaner. My clothes fit super comfortably and a few once snug dresses have room to breathe.
  • Positive Feels and relaxed feeling - sounds weird but with all the prep it’s really nice just know that this is what you have to eat. That’s it. It’s very black and white and although I realize that life can’t be navigated in that way...during crazy times it’s nice to have something taken care of already and prepped.
  • My workouts are energy filled -I feel that the quality in my workouts has been improved and I wake up ready to go in the am (thank you sleep).
  • TMI but PMS - My symptoms felt better this month and I felt pretty good overall not horrible I'm dying feelings.
  • Traveling - YES the January Travel was a struggle. I was happy to get by with Elements Meals Literally THANK YOU SO MUCH for making these. They made lunch time while running through market an actual possibility while on Whole30 and boiled egg free! That is usually breakfast when travelling but happy I didn’t have to double up on eggs for lunch too! I bought the Whole30 Pack here - a little pricey but totally worth it if you are travelling! Life saver.
  • Socials and Birthdays - SORRY to all my January babes out there (my mom is lucky since she is on the 31st) lol but I have been partying on that sparkling water this month and yes I STILL had a great time. Although it was tempting at times in the social scene, I’m happy Chayon did his dry Jan and we were able to go out together and have each other. We navigated through worlds of cakes, poundcake pops, wine nights, and danced at the clubbb. We survived and still saw our friends lol.
Hope everyone is off to a great week! I am back from Vegas and I had a great time at the Magic Trade Show - Excited for all the upcoming Spring fashions! Quick turnaround and then it's off to NYC Sunday...ready to see all my friends, NYFW, and back to Market week!



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