Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Whole30 Help#2 - 5 Easy To Dos

New Year new feels (the Golden kind)- and for those of you on your next week of Whole30 YAY! We did it! Or if anyone started something new with a happy 2019 start -great job! Lol Why all the January change now? It’s quiet, a new year, and it gives time to actually think and reset. Plus everyone else is riding that train and it's easy to hop on and avoid #Fomo.
So I know I have a few other Whole30 Posts (linked below) but with this first week under the belt I wanted to share 5 easy ways we can make week #2 or the remaining 20 something days a breeze.
Lets GO!
1.Get excited and in the mindset
Focus on positives and the NSVs (non-scale victories) what are you going to accomplish this month? What is your vision and end goal? I weirdly get all amped up knowing how great I am going to feel. Cutting out sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, really does have magical effects. Below are some of my goals/things I am looking forward to most. 
  • Tame the sugar dragon - Kind of on a cookie high after all the holiday/work treats
  • Make new recipes - Crockpot anyone? I have found so many great recipes through Pinterest/W30 books
  • De-inflame is that a word? Post holiday puffy -BE GONE
  • Mental clarity - Things are really picking up in life, at work, all around, I always find I'm able to focus my best when I am on all my W30 meals
  • GET THE GLOW - in the past my skin has never looked better
  • Continue to Meditate and work towards relaxing - Life is short. Taking a chill with Headspace
  • ENERGY Gains - Ready for natural energy and positive vibe feels
2. Who are your accountability partners? 
It’s week #2 and honestly the first is the toughest. You made it! Don’t crack now...reach out to your person and do something fun! Go for coffee, have a W30 brunch planned, Chayson and I like to workout or go for a walk, see a movie, or go shopping for something cute #deserved. LOVING this outfit below!

3. Keep it simple and back to basics 
If you just aren’t feeling it, don’t over complicate it when it comes to recipes.
Meal bases (below): + Protein (any meat/seafood) + fat (usually nuts or Avocado)
  • Bone Broth
  • Greens
  • Roasted veggies - Sweet Potato, Brussels, Kale
  • Cauliflower "rice"
4. Have on the go snacks available
Make sure you have W30 compliant snacks to grab and go - you might still get a little hungry 1st / 2nd if you are it’s totally ok. Love these below.

5. THERE ARE FUN NEW  Foodie Product things that MAKE LIFE BETTER
Snag some of these to prep or during your W30 life.
  • Crio Bru "Cocoa" - Love sipping this in the evening. A great sweet tooth curb and sort of a cross between coffee, tea, and cocoa. It’s really actually good for you too #antioxidants
  • NutPods - THANK GOODNESS for you! The best creamer for your coffee or Crio Brio^^ I use this every single day. Shoutout to French Vanilla!
  • Vital Proteins - Love adding this for a collagen boost my coffee/soups. Hair, skin, nail health is always good in my book. I have noticed that a scoop a day has helped my skin clear and hair growth this past year
  • Elements Meals - NEW recent discovery. Making W30 travellers lives SO much easier. I travel to NYC once a month and have had to really figure out meals. These freeze dried meals sound weird but are DELISH. You add 1c hot water, shake, and sit for 10min. DONE. THANK YOU for making these. I can eat W30 anywhere now in a snap!Part of my survival this week in NYC.
  • Tessemaes - Saucing up life! Great dressings and sauces to flavor up your meals. Ranch is the fav.
  • Whole30 Slow Cooker Book - Anything you dump in a crockpot and close the lid that gives me food...makes me happy. Try Pg. it’s amazeeee.
Typical W30 Brunch out :) I'll do poached eggs and a fruit side too! But always boiled or poached eggs + Avo!
I hope this post was helpful to you or motivated you not to give up! You can do this - you’ll feel amazing, trust me. I wouldn’t be doing this for the 5th time if not. Lol or maybe because the food is so yummy! Happy W30ing friends.
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