Thursday, January 31, 2019


Hi friends! Ok so I am actually really excited today to share with you probably one of my most worn looks since “Adulting” happened to me. I know it’s always so much fun to dress up but sometimes we need to multitask and dress for multiple occasions.  For me step #1 in the morning is taking a class or working out - something to get moving. I mentioned that the last 8 weeks I have been doing Kayla Itsines BBG workouts hence the #BBG to Brunch. After a good workout there is always one thing on my lol. So weather it is brunch with a friend or grabbing groceries to make brunch at home with Chayson  I want to look somewhat put together after getting my morning sweat on. I know a lot of you are in the same situation when it comes to a time crunch and fitting in all the to dos before moving on to the next thing. This look is perfect because it is casual, but still a little more put together vs. a sweatshirt and leggings. Oh don’t worry my Dad’s old Hanes hoodie I adopted is still one of my favorite morning workout styles haha don’t tell him.
When I lived in  NY this seriously was my EVERY weekend outfit. I would wear leggings from my class (mesh styles) a clean tee (love Madewell), maybe a cap or beanie, and a topper jacket/cardi. Everything would go in my backpack along with a little wand of concealer, mascara, and a bright lipstick. I could only pack so much in my bag so I took the basics and be gone all day. Living in TX I can definitely pack more in my car lol but I still like to just keep it simple and pack an outfit like this if I know i’m heading somewhere casual afterwards. I found this amazing textured topper jacket from Gordmans - I LOVE this color and it feels so soft. I got an amazing deal on it and I love the elevated look it brings to my Madewell tee and Forever21 leggings. I like these leggings for a light low impact workout but when it comes to performance wear I really like to stick with Nike, VS Sport, and Adidas. Mesh details are my favorite on activewear and I feel like it makes wearing them out afterwards a little more interesting.
  1. Topper Jacket/Cardigan (Choose one with added interest - mixed stitching, color pops, fur)
  2. Basic Tee - Love my Madewell tees (also got it at Gordmans) 
  3. Mesh Leggings - Definitely more fun vs. the regulars 
  4. Investment Handbag - optional but I think it’s a nice added completer piece. The RealReal has some great resale options.
What are your go to errand outfits? I’m getting ready for summer, because easy sundresses are THE BEST go tos after a morning workout. Single piece outfits, sign me up. Coming soon to G&G.



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