Sunday, January 6, 2019

5 Step Skincare Routine

#NOFILTER. We all want that in our lives amirite? That is the goal. Skincare talk has been  a major buzz throughout my millennial crowd these days. Poreless, glossy, glowy, no makeup makeup ready skin - What’s not to love? I have got to say that thanks to my mom I’ve been applying some sort of something to my face since high school. Throughout the years I have added to the routine and skincare for me has majorly evolved from the dove soap bar + evening moisturizer. Instead of knowing I can cover blemishes I have been more interested in overall preventing and  healing my skin. The last year I have amped up the regimen because #ForeverYoung eeek and #OperationWeddingReady. I feel like when I work to really take care of my skin, getting ready in the am is so much quicker and I just feel good.

A few people have asked what I do for my skincare routine and I wanted to include the 5 steps I follow morning and night. It seems like a lot but honestly it has become habit and layering each product/oil on is pretty relaxing and nice. 
  1. Cleanse - The last year I have used the Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleanser and I love the instant clean feeling it gives. I’ve seen a tighter  brighter appearance and more I AM AWAKE look and feel.
  2. Exfoliate - To exfoliate daily I use my Foreo facial tool when washing my face. This creates the best canvas and I feel like it REALLY gets deep into any little bits of makeup left behind. I also like to use a Dr. Dennis Gross peel pad or weekly Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial to resurface.
  3. Toner + Essence - For my toner I use either Fresh Rose Hydration Toner or Thayers Rose water mist...I guess I like Rose. It  is such a nice clean feel to tighten up pores. I’ll even keep it in a sprayer in my bag or desk to refresh if I feel ehhh. Lol my team laughs when I spritz it out at work. We mean business when the Rose water comes out! Right after I apply an Essence (this is new I added this year). Lancome Hydra Zen feels cooling and preps your skin to absorb serums. Thank you K-Beauty for that little add.
  4. Serums - In the AM I use Drunk Elephant Vitamin C-Firma Day serum - It also has amazing brightening evening results. In the evening I will use a Peter Thomas Roth Retinol + Grapeseed oil combo. These are both great for Anti-aging, renewing, and acne prevention.
  5. Moisturize - My skin tends to be on the dry side. I have been using a lot of products with Hyaluronic acid and a water gel feel to hydrate my skin in the morning and evenings.  Peter Thomas Roth and Tatcha Water Cream are a few recent favorites of mine. For my Eyes Biossance has a nice tightening cream too that I use.

WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Lips + Lashes - These are totally extras - but I like to use Laneige Lip mask before bed (you will never have chapped lips again it’s amazing). Also the Grande Lash serum has really improved my lash growth..Someone asked if I had little falsies a few weeks ago -just a pop of mascara and you really start to notice a difference. If you want to De-puff try NuFace or a Jade Roller. You'll feel much more awake, contoured, and lifted :)

**Tip  - you do not have to wait for everything to dry. Just layer up lightest to heaviest product.
Oh one last thing - I will say though from what I’ve noticed good skin REALLY always comes from within.
  • Foodie choices - I see the biggest difference when I eat clean (bye sugar bugs, watch the alcohol, LOTs of veggies/protein)
  • Hydrate - Drink ALL the water
  • Take my vitamins +Vital Protein Collagen - I cannot tell you guys HOW much I feel like this has helped my hair, skin, nails health. My hair and nails have grown much faster and I like adding a little protein pack to my coffee in the morning with a scoop.
I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you try anything from this post. I LOVE talking about all this skincare wellness topics...happy to be introducing it to the blog.


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