Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 WOAH Relax - 2019 Resolutions & Recap

YAY Happy New Year! WOW we made it, can I get an amen?! Seriously where in the world is time going? HOW are we already in the final year of the decade?! That seems so crazy to me. It’s been almost 10 years since I graduated high school. Oh what I only could have told myself then...hmm I’ll save that for another post ;) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and New Years celebration
All in all I cannot say just HOW thankful I am for my family and Chayson+future fams. This year I would have to say has been a year of unity, celebration of life, and love. There have been challenges, frustrations, why do things like this happen, and am I being normal? thoughts..but we all have each other to lean on and that is something I am always forever and grateful for. 

Well being that this is the final year of the DECADE we need to make it count!
As every article out there around this time says...Time to LEVEL UP and be Better. The last three years I have written down words or something that encompasses what I want to work on.
2017 - YES + Routines
2018 - Control What I can
2019 - Focus + Be Specific
This year I want to Focus on...
  • #OperationWeddingReady2020 - rounding that up in an upcoming post! 
  • Engage and share more on my blog-content and actually plan
  • Continue that self care life - Amazon and spas took all my 2018 $$$
  • Details Details Details and plan in all areas of life - be more calculated 
  • Read more Books!  Continue with blogs+Podcasts
  • Complete Whole30 #5 and #6
  • Find more productivity hacks - Time management help anyone?
  • Add greens to breakfast, lunch, and dinner - even if it means a juice shot or in a smoothie
  • Ask questions always
  • BE Positive and make it a point to do something nice for someone else
  • Visit another country
  • Try to plan and stick to small monthly goals (Friend dates, new classes, new books, attend an event, try a new date spot)
  • Say YES a little more - back to the 2017 life

To help me with this I decided to get a little crafty over the break and I made a vision book! I've been wanting to do this for awhile and finally got around to it. Basically it is a live tangible Pinterest board. Anything you want to work towards, hope to have, or would like to improve - cut and paste to the board or book. The live visual is a nice reminder each day of YES this is what we are improving. Looking at this as a fun work in progress kind of project - I'll probably add along to it as I go. 

I was going through my bullet note planner/IG stories and I love how it was so easy to pull together the highlights this year. Anyone else have any organization/planner tips?
Lets do a quick 2018 recap:
  • Started immediately off with BAM - New Job. 
  • Introduced to my new team #VGTEAM you the best
  • Completed Whole30 #3 
  • Branched out and went to a few Houston Blogger events this year
  • Spent my 27th Birthday in New York With Chayson and friends 
  • Immediately after flew to Vegas - Ended up at a Chainsmokers concert (front row woaaa)
  • Made a few trips to the Midwest - Hello Kansas
  • April was a magical Month of Disney World with my sister+ Chayson
  • Watched close friends and family say their I Dos #weddingseason
  • In May I LOVED our College group River Trip - we whined and wined down the Guadalupe 
  • Took some time to rest - Started to Meditate, listen to podcasts on the reg and really try to DESTRESS the life I needed it Drs. orders
  • My beautiful cousin welcomed her twins to the world! We are SO happy you are all here 
  • June = Governors Ball Music Festival - OMG MET HALSEY
  • My Bestie Brit came to stay with me in Houston
  • Hit a personal achievement 
  • Spent 4th of July in Wyoming with Chayson’s family - we had the best time at Grandmas!
  • #BestDayEver I said i do to my Forever <3
  • Started working on more Beauty Lifestyle posts for G&G
  • Things got a little rocky - started saying I love you more and always thankful all the hugs
  • Realized the importance to celebrate life and the moments we all have together
  • My sister moved to Houston - heyyy neighbor
  • Continued to craft and perfect the cheese plate designs
  • After too much cheese Whole30 Round #4 came - time to preFall cleanse
  • My sister made these cool chunky knit blankets - Seriously GO GET ONE
  • Chayson and I vacationed  in California, explored Venice, SantaMonica, and Malibu - Venice Guide coming soon to G&G
  • We secured our wedding date, church, and venue in October
  • Met Tulie the TINY CUTEST Yorkie - She brings so much joy to our lives
  • Continued the NYC adventures - SO thankful I am able to visit and work there as often as I do.
  • Surprised Chayson’s sister in Oklahoma for her Birthday!
  • Celebrated the holidays in Houston with our family
  • STOKED about the horse riding lessons Chayson got me for Christmas - yes I was a weird horse girl when I was younger and I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS
  • Chayson and I hosted our 3rd NYE party with friends here in Houston
  • AS ALWAYS consumed plenty a many of Starbucks #basics, 259 Workouts (yes that is what AppleWatch logged), spent a ridiculous amount of $ on skincare and facemasks, massages, mani/pedis, and basiclly #selfcared the crap out of this year. Thank you Amazon.
What are some of your 2019 goals? Thanks for the Memssss EXCITED for this year lets do it! No matter what it is always good to set small goals, new year or not. If it feels intimidating or OMG to set something big to accomplish try to set smaller goals to chip away at. It is better to try then not at all. Thanks for the Mems 2018. Thank you Next.

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