Thursday, December 27, 2018

My Winter Morning Routine

Hi friends – Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Merry Christmas! Happy to report that I was a good little elf this year ;) Success with gift giving and I'm pretty sure everyone loved what SantaVic delivered. Those of you who follow my Instagram stories know how much I love to get my mornings up and at-em. There's nothing like waking up and already feeling accomplished (shoutout to the early birds out there). Why wait for Jan 1st to get it going, lets start now! Excited for a quiet post holiday month of Whole30, planning the this years to dos (wedding prep y'all), and catching up on some R&R. Each season I'll tweak things here and there but recently this has been my winter morning routine. Below are a few things I like to do every day to get life going! I also made an Amazon list of some of my favorite Go To items are HERE that you can access.
  1.   Make the BED - Ok this has been a recent development lol but I found this consistent simple easy first step in the morning makes me SO happy when I come home later. It’s the little things but YAY something has already been accomplished within 10mins of waking up. Plus you come home to a pretty bed to hop into.
  2. DEPUFF – This sounds silly but yall seriously I wake up so puffy. I have poor circulation and I feel like mehh when I wake up. I instantly splash cold water and wash my face with my FreshFacial cleanser. After I’ll rub an ice cube on my cheeks or run my JadeRoller over my face to get the wake up feels going. Oh and brush the teethsss of course ğŸ˜‰
  3. Lemon Water – In the morning I wake up PARCHED. I am so weird when it comes to water and really try to get in my ounces for the day. I’ll keep a bag of lemons in a bowl and add a slice or two to my morning cup of H20. If I don’t finish it I add it to my Swell bottle to take to my morning workout. I aim to finish my 17oz bottle by the time I am done with the workout/getting ready for work. I'll also sometimes add a ginger/apple cider vinegar shot - eh it's kinda rough but I feel like its killin off something on the way down.
  4. Workout – Yall know how I feel about this. I need to do something in the am each morning to get moving. Anything from a 30 min walk, Mile run, Class, or Pilates vid. I have my prev workout RoutinePost here. Lately I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0, Barre/Pilates, and strength Cardio throughout the week. 
  5. Podcasts/Meditate -When I get ready for work I like to listen to Podcasts or mediate. Headspace has been a nice addition to life. I love all the little packs you can focus on – It’s an easy way to get some thoughts to yourself in.
  6. Coffee – YES. I’m sure you are surprised that this isn’t like #2 or #3 on my list. But I need coffees to get the day going, but I like to wait until I get to work for Cup#1. I add cinnamon, Almond milk, or Nutpods to my cuppaJOE. Oh and Vital Proteins Collagen too. I've been adding that over the past year for hair, nail, skin health.
  7. Vitamins – With operation #GETWEDDINGREADY I’ve been trying to be consistent with my vitamin game. Feeling good starts from the inside out and after researching what would be best for me I am focusing on gut health, skin health, and the essentials for women. I either add these after breakfast or dinner so something is in my stomach before popping.
  8. SMILE - Literally smile and say OUT LOUD - today is going to be a good day lol or I'll text/call Chayson and let him know that the good day vibes are now out in the world ;P 

CRAZY Post BBG Bun lol

Hope this helped anyone needing a little Jan inspiration! What are some of your new goals/ routines you are adding? Happy to continue with Kayla Itsines BBG workouts, Whole30 Round5, and operation #WeddingReady.


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