Sunday, October 14, 2018

Spin Class to Street Style

And say hello, from Spin class to a street style staple. I think we can all agree that fashion always seems to be in a trending rotation (haiii get it #spinshorts) but these days basic 90s fashion seem to have a more elevated approach. Thanks to Kim K the bike shorts have made a come back and I have to say...I'm into it. I've seen so many different ways to wear this look -Blazer+Polished (coming soon to G&G), Dressy+Elegant, Cozy+Cute, and my favorite Casual+Sneakers in this post. OK so sometimes I feel like I create different looks on here for G&G and I'm like wait...I'm not that cool lol BUT this is one of the things I absolutely LOVE about fashion and styling. You can always see something you like, make it your own, and give it a go.

I love how this look is feminine with the favorite lace cami and casual with sneakers. If I wanted a more relaxed look I could have added a cozy sweater cardi vs. the blazer. I've seen this look on pinterest a lot and from a few other fav blogger girls I follow and thought I would see how I liked it anddd yep. Kind of the new legging - especially here in the South. It's just been so hot BUT WE ARE FINALLY GETTING FALL THIS WEEK...I think. Well maybe a cold front :/ 

Last week's LA vacation really got me in the mood for some cooler weather and inspired with all the upcoming looks for Spring. I am beyond ready though for some sweater weather and I'm excited to share some new looks with y'all. 
Hope you are all having a great week!


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