Monday, September 3, 2018

Whole30 Round#4 Update

Happy Fall Y'all! FINALLY it's pumpkin spice and sweater season...classic favorite. So I wanted to pop in and give a quick Whole30 Update. I am now 21 days into my 4th round and so far everything is going well - starting to feel the star status! I know some of you are started September Whole30 and I wanted to do a quick post on eating out tips, traveling on Whole30, and my recent favorite products/W30 hacks. Also my first two posts can be found below. 

For those of you new to the WHOLE idea/craze I want to reiterate that this is NOT a diet. This is a way to reset and eliminate anything that is inflaming the insides, messing with blood sugar, promoting cravings, and overall just making you feel not your best. It is a great way to find out if you do have any sensitivities towards any of the below.
Eliminate: Dairy, Legumes, Sugar, Alcohol, Grains, Gluten, Additives (list here).
After 30 days you slowly reintroduce everything and you'll start to notice what works and does not work with your system.

Ok so back to the food thing...WHAT in the world do you eat?
REAL unprocessed food - Ingredients you know and can pronounce. Anything that looks a little??? is probably out. Meats, seafood, Veggies, fruit, good fats (Avocado, nuts, ghee, natural meats), spices/herbs are all a go. It's much easier to focus on the things you CAN have and just know that everything else is a hard no for the next 30 days.

Sooo not going to say I am a complete pro - but I definitely feel confident navigating my way through 30 days of whole foods . Round number 4 is here and I have to say, this is probably the smoothest most whatever round yet, also the round I think I have eaten out the most too. I remember during the first two I super had everything planned out and mapped and I was so nervous that everything had SOMETHING in it I could not have. After that I started just moving towards buying products and things that fell into the "complaint" list - Dairy free milks, snack bars, spices, meats, condiments, canned goods - like non of that needs additives or sugar so I stopped buying the ones that did.

After August travel I decided I needed a true Fall Reset. 10 days of crayyy NY and Vegas will really make you feel like okay I need to get it together and clean it up. I've started to feel the NonScale Victories here - especially energy and mind clarity benefits :) YAY and we know we all could use more clarity in our lives.
Compliant On the Go Snacks/Breakfast Bars AKA LifeSavers ( linked below)
Breakfast Egg Cups: Layer Sweet potato, chopped onion/veggies, wrap a compliant bacon or ham, crack an egg on top, add spices, Bake 400 15mins

Eating Out vs. Whole30

Ok so the easiest for me have been breakfast cafes, salad bars, or surprisingly burger places. If you have any any veggies/fruit, protein (eggs/smoked salmon are SO easy for all the breakfast places), and a fat (nuts/avocado) you are golden. Sometimes this can require you to BYO a few things. Just in case I usually have the following stashed in my bag.
  • Epic Bar - in case you need an extra something 
  • Nuts/Raisins 
  • Really get weird and stash an Avocado #ultimate Basic
Breakfast on the absolute go would be any of the below...sometimes with work craze I stick to #1 everyday and combine it with any of the below usually #2 and #5.
  1. Coffee Fix ErrrryDAY - Vital Proteins, Nut Pods, Coffee
  2. Boiled Eggs, Nuts, Apple
  3. Epic Bar + Fruit
  4. Banana+Almond butter packet
  5. RX Bar (or compliant bar) + Fruit
Travel - Ok packets of things are annoying and expensive. But make life so much easier and the hassle free life is worth it. Things you can find in packets: Vital Proteins, ranch packets, calm tea, almond butter, bars, creamer, nuts.
Snacks - Apple or banana , chomp stick, Epic Bar, RX Bar, Plantain Chips always, dried fruit/raisins, cashews/nuts

Hope this post was helpful to anyone starting or completing another round :) If anyone has any tips/tricks feel free to share and msg me - always love learning new kitchen and clean eats hacks.

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