Monday, September 10, 2018

In My White Tee #Basics

When life gets a little cray - lets not over complicate things. And sometimes we need to just go back to the #basics. By that I'm talking stylin ALL the tees. T-shirts and denim are having a real moment amirite?  I've picked up just about every color tee and the best part is we all have one. If not gather up $4.99 and you are set (thanks Gordmans).
I know  Labor day has come and gone and of course I'm not feeling that no white rule. I think it's safe to say that we can ditch that idea and keep it moving with our white tees. Denim and tees have become my recent Go Tos and for good reason - they live FOREVER and we all have them in our closet.
Below are a few recent trends that play well with your #basics
  1. Layered Necklaces + Coins - This is such a great way to add a little interest to your basics. All the coins and chains really give an ordinary tee something else to talk about. Love these here too!
  2. Chunky Sneakers - Hello 90s and I'm bringing back my SPICEGIRL shoes. Lol my parents know all too well my childhood love and I'm still feelin these shoes. I lived in a pair of sketchers chunky sneaks in 3rd grade and thought I was the shizzz. Not much has changed from those shoes to these haha added inches (yes please). 
  3. Denim for the family - Girlfriend DenimBoyfriend Denim, MOM Jeans, EVEN NOW DAD denim lol . Loose/comfy and high waisted styles are all checking YES these days. I am especially a fan of the girlfriend styles ( a little more tailored/tapered vs. boyfriend) and the paperboy denim here is just way too cute with a crop top/tee.
Back in Houston and shopped NY for all the fashions! Super excited for all the fun things I'm working on here for the ladies. Keep up with my snaps/stories HERE. 



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