Sunday, September 16, 2018

G&G Workout Routine

RISE AND SHINE!!! The morning WakeUPcall - Literally probably one of my favorite times of the day. Those of you who follow the snaps know that I use this to stay accountable. I feel like I'm telling a friend every time I snap a pic and post. Yes I am that crazy early bird person. I LOVE waking up and checking this off my list - Already feeling like you've accomplished something is an awesome feeling. If everything else goes south that day, at least you have something good for yourself done. Plus it's a great way to clear your mind and get the day going.
Soo when did this all start?  About 4 years ago (umm time flies) a friend introduced me to Kayla Itsines BBG program and I loved it! It is a 12 week HIIT based program (High Intensity Interval Training) and 28 mins - so very manageable.  The workouts are  3x a week and then LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) training 2x a week - usually a walk or low impact class + 1 rest day.
I ended up going through like 4 rounds of BBG 1&2 and liked the structure/energy I had - it was cool to see how much stronger I grew and really loved all of the classes and mornings I had to myself. I started making friends through my new fit life and grew closer to other friends I knew in NYC as we begin this workout situation together.

I joined a gym in NYC and decided to keep up with my mornings and always had some sort of program or structure I followed. Below are a few of my favorite Guides I have done. Most need basic equipment or body weight and are 30-45mins.
  • Kayla Itsines BBG 1&2 - I know now there is the Sweat App which I have heard is pretty good. I use the purchased PDF guides and saved them/followed along in my phone.
  • PIIT28 by Blogilates - Pilates Intense Interval Training. It it about 30 mins and a 28 day circuit/Pilates based workout with cardio mixed (great travel workouts) no equipment on this one just body weight. 
  • Blogilates - Cassey Ho has some realllyyyy GREAT FREE content on Youtube and her site. If I ever need a quick extra something after a walk or jog I'll do a video of hers.
  • FBG by AnnaVictoria - Fit Body Guide, similar to BBG but with added weights
  • LG Fit Guides - This was a total weight training guide, something very different but I wanted to give it a try...I like adding weights but doing total weighted workouts was not my absolute favorite. 
Now that I am comfortable with the gym life and know what I need to do for my body/mind I have combined different things I like to do. Between workout guides and classes and I take about an hour or so time wise. I am in the gym by either 5:45 or 6:30am...I've tried after work and it's just SO hard to get it going at the end of the day lol My gym here in Houston is super close to my office and I've found getting ready there eliminates morning distractions/lagging at home.

Recent Weekly Routine 

What am I doing since I have completed different workout plans/guides? Overall anything to stay active makes me happy and I aim to do something each day - sometimes I'll either take a full rest day or do a 30 min walk. I feel like each season I go through different routines and my latest since Mid-June is what I have been sticking (below) during the week. I really like mixing in Barre/Pilates with cardio and weights. Most of the classes combine weights and cardio so I always feel like I get in a really good total workout. All about that long lean life y'all.
  • Cardio 3X - Sun/Tues/ Fri (Spin)
  • Barre 2X - Mon/Sat
  • Pilates 2X - Thurs/Sun
  • HIIT/Weight Circuits 2X - Wed/Sun
***The double workout days I try to do both but I might just pick one depending on the feels - one combines a low impact with a more HIIT class
***When I travel to NY I like to do at least 30min treadmill cardio/ run outside or a class if I can (LOVE 305 Fitness in NYC). I tryyyy to get in at least 2 workouts during the week. Running all over market is a workout on its own haha.

At the end of the day this is what I aim for but ultimately I've learned to pay attention to how I feel and what makes me feel my best and happayyyy. During the week I like to make all my meals and try to stick to whole foods recipes. Weekends/Travel are all the funssss sips and snacks.

Hope this post helped any of you in a workout rut or get some new ideas. If anyone has anything they like to do I would love to hear. Always into mixing it up :)

I also linked some of my fav active wear styles/goodies below.


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