Monday, August 27, 2018

Back In Season

Hi Friends,
Miss y'all and I am back! Most of you who have kept up with me over the years know I tend to go into a blogging Off-Season. Life gets a little crazy but I love knowing that I can always come back to my little space here in G&G.
Fall Refresh has kind of been my theme these days. Both inside and out - I was feeling a little stagnant and I decided to re-do my goals vision board ( I have a private one on Pinterest - y'all should make one keeps you on track), started Whole30 Round #4 (anyone else doing it in Sept?) and organized/cleaned out my closet. As a fan of current closet styling - I went through everything a few weeks ago and all the inspiration came back. There was this huge rack blocking everything and violaaaa suddenly all these new clothes appeared (happens).
Feeling fresh and inspired I am excited to have a few upcoming posts to share with you. Also having my sister photographer as a neighbor has helped too - Chayson is really torn up about the style selfie replacement lol sorry.
As Fall makes it's way I say we end the summer in true 90s fashion - overalls and t-shirts. During my market visit in NYC last month I made my way to Bershka (storefront in Soho) and picked up this denim midi overall dress (similar here). Definitely stepped out on trend here - my first overall type outfit probably since I was like 10. I have to say I do LOVE the look and it's super versatile with heels, slides, or sneakers. Also those you personally know me know I am the avid Gordmans shopper - yo girl is a fan and I can't tell you how many of these $4.99 basics tees I scooped up. You'll be seeing a lot of them come through the style files.
How crazy is it that already we are on to Labor Day weekend? It seems just like yesterday we were kicking off the start of summer. AND WOW so much has happened just in a short few months...
Sometimes it's nice to try to live in the moment and take a breather. I think we all need to remember to slow down, enjoy life, and the people in it. Any fun plans? I am going to hangout and have a relaxing little staycation #recharge.
Upcoming things in my life = Wedding Planning ( I SAID YAS), Vacay in LA, Fall Favorites, family time, Football season...ready for all things FALL. Fashion is always so much more exciting to me during this season haha #basics shout out. Gearing up for boots and sweaters :)


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