Sunday, March 18, 2018

Snaps in the City

Hiii Ok sooo I feel like this post is a little all over the place - Basically I want to talk about my new obsession Bershka#MillenialPINK, my most worn list, and my NYC recent favs hitlist.
Also thank you #ChaysonHoltPhotography - this post is possible by you LOL xoxoxo
#Trending Millennial Pink anyone? Yes it's a thing and I LOVE it. The color that never seems to fade and a fan favorite of my people - also a flattering color for many people of ALL ages. I was reading up on it and this bubblegum hue represents a fondness for the good ol childhood days, female empowerment/gender =, and soothing feels for the less than stellar world moments these days. We could all use a little pop of positivity today -I've always been a girly girl (surprise) and I was so excited when I found this pink furry jacket. I've had so many compliments on it and feel like YAS in it. It was the perfect Bday outfit completer and touch of glam to a neutral sweater/top.
As the season moves further into Spring I was like ahh I need to get this post out!  I was able to score my furry friend above at the NYC Bershka Pop up in Soho. I loved shopping Bershka aka Zara's little sister...the style is similar (a little younger, still very trendy) and the price point fits more of an H&M/F21.
When traveling for 10 days it's like what on earth do I bring? Everything. Ok jk...I of course packed a grouping of neutral colors/styles and ended up purchasing my pink color pop jacket. Below hit my recent most worn list and I'm sure you'll see a few of the same items pop up in my recent posts. Listed below :)
Recent City Favs :) Let me know if you all make a trip!


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