Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tips to Elevate Your Style

New year NEW YOU and sometimes everything does not always necessarily have to be brand new. Work with what you've got! As much of a crazed shopper I am, this year one of my resolutions is to try to stick with a few of my classic favorites or mix and match what I own.  Ah I love shopping but I am going to practice more window shopping for inspo and then shopping in my closet. With a few little tweaks here and there a new look can easily be created with what you own. This outfit is definitely a favorite of mine for three reasons - All prev owned+subtle trend+the classics.
**Ok, I know I know leggings and a chunky sweater is always an easy go to this time of year #TheUniform...but sometimes it's nice to freshen up the basics. Below are a few ways I like to switch it up and elevate my style to keep it polished+chic.

1. Keep It Simple
Sometimes less is more - put away the prints and stick with the neutrals. Neutral tones all work with in the same color palette think : Black, Taupe, Camel, White, Grey, Dark Denim, and Blush. Owning more of these = more mix and match possibilities. Also when it comes to denim washes med to dark always tend to feel more polished - light tends to feel more casual.
2. Color Coding Accessories + Hardware
With accessories I like to focus on small details and dainty jewelry, especially classic yellow gold.
I have a tiny V necklace (similar) or a gold pendent similar here that I wear a lot. Choose a hardware color and stick to it (silver or gold). I try to match my belt hardware with either my handbag or accessories to tie looks together. Since we are sticking to neutrals matching at least two of these (bag, belt, shoes) also pulls everything together.

3. Add that 3rd Piece
Completer pieces as some call it - A topper jacket, duster vest, chunky scarf, or an oversized blazer are all great ways to jazz up and truly complete the look. This is probably my favorite way to differentiate outfits as well. I could have easily added any other topper jacket or vest to my look above for a different feel. Also choosing longer 3rd pieces + a heel creates a taller appearance with the long lines.

4. A Solid Investment Piece
Leather bag? Leather boots?  I know QUALITY is important here and sometimes investing in that one piece is totally worth it. I am actually borrowing my mom's bag in these style snaps (loveeee) but I do have a few splurges I've made on oversized leather bags and boots. Not everything needs to be designer status and break the bank, but a good quality leather bag will live long in your closet. This is a great mid price point leather bag HERE.

5. The Makeup
OK you guys know the drill. IF I do not wear any makeup at all bold lip and tinted moisturizer (omg this one is amazing) is always my go to. Classic rust, reds, and dark wines always make me feel that much more put together. Love these here and here.

Yes and we are off to a fabulous 2018! Let me know if you find any old closet find treasures or if you have any tips and ideas you use to freshen up/elevate your style. Hope this sparked a little inspo, below I linked a few ideas and key basic pieces to add if you find yourself in a fashion rut. 


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