Friday, January 5, 2018

G&G Whole30 Refresh

January - a time to refresh and refocus. I know it's so typical of the world to "lets eat better and workout" but if there's a time to develop a new habit or possibly discover something you love - now is the time. It was a 3 years ago resolution that started my WakeupCalls morning routine and I've stuck with it since...whether I workout, take some time to tidy up, or work on G&G I love the feeling of waking up and squeezing in some time to myself.
Last January I started 2017 with my second round of Whole30. It's funny that although my focus for G&G is fashion and style, one of my most clicked posts has actually been my Whole30 guide/experience (Post here). Thinking of integrating more recipe/wellness posts? What do you think?
OKAY so speaking of this year I decided to kick off 2018 with a third round of Whole30 and I am looking at this month as a beauty bootcamp in a way - Although makeup and clothes always are a wonderful mood booster there's nothing like feeling good from the inside out (insert shine emoji).  This round I am trying to focus on adding more Super Foods, wellness spices, and keeping up with all my workouts.
DATE NIGHT DINNER - Baked Salmon, Roasted Spinach, Cauliflower SweetPotato Mash
Is anyone else doing January Whole30? While most people are taking the month to relax and recharge NOW such a great time for this - January is usually pretty quiet and everyone is on the health train (goodbye fomo). So far I am on day 6 and dealing with the slump. As I prev mentioned this is not a weight loss program and through the 30 days you gain Whole30 NSVs (Non-Scale Victories -explained here) A few I am looking forward to are...
THAT GLOW- Part of creating that perfect beauty look is having a nice canvas to work with. Our favorite little sugar bug is my main skin bump culprit. Seriously I can tell just days after my sugar ant attacks- tbh my skin is still recovering from holiday treats and sweets.
BABY SLEEP - I'm not sure what it is exactly but every time I have done this I seriously sleep SO well. It is the best refresh and leads me to my next point.
ENERGIES - Perfect sleep = all the energy! I LOVE waking up ready to go especially when hitting my early workouts. Definitely looking forward to an energy reset. Really excited to try a few new workout classes while I am in NYC and LA this season.
BYE BYE BLOAT - Ok TMI but it happens - Through past W30 rounds I know the trigger foods and pick my battles. But excited to feel good and comfy in my clothes :)
PRODUCTIVITY - Hello Tiger blood. I remember last year feeling super focused and ON. That is honestly when I was like you know what I want to start my blog again. I tried to organize myself socially catching up with old friends, meeting new people, working towards my goals at work, and found myself actually sitting down and doing things I had put off. Cleaning, organizing, throwing away empties, and 4 months later actually thanked myself for the life clean up - because surprise I ended up making my move back to Texas and feeling SO thankful for the productive final spring fling in NYC.
NEW RECIPES - Really working in these super foods below. Also these "Beauty" Elixirs - Found these here, here, and here on Pinterest that look fun to try.
  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Beets/Root Veggies
  • Greens (need that Iron)
  • Nuts
  • Sweet potato, 
  • Sipping bone broth - Collagen skin glowww
  • Turmeric, cacao, maca, moringa, and collagen -LOVE this list here 
  • Below are a few of my recent staples/W30 Travel essentials - they definitely make dishes more flavorful and enjoyable. It's so important to actually look forward to what you are eating lol 30 days isn't exactly short.

Overall I will say that 2017 was such a big year for me - I restarted my blog, made my moved from NYC back to Texas, started a new job, met some new great peeps, and even travelled to a few new places (Hai LA + Vegas). In terms of health, I maintained routines - made a few updates to others (insert new job travel) and really tried to focus on self care. Whether it be taking a chill night, playing in my closet, falling asleep at 8pm, catching up with a friend, experimenting with a new recipe... I'm thankful for this year of learning, adulting, and trying to balance this thing we call life.

Resources I used during Whole30: 
Whole30 Website - Tons of helpful FREE information
Whole30 Cookbook - SO many great recipes
Downloads List - I kept this in my Ibooks on my phone. Having the additives and basic rules with me was always extremely helpful
Pinterest - SO many helpful articles and recipe ideas on here. I have a board HERE that I keep just to stay organized and get ideas. I suggest making one and referring when you need a whole30 version of something you are trying to make.

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