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When it comes to holiday attire the question always seems to be is it Dressy or Casual? Tis the season for parties and catching up with loved ones so honestly here I'm going to say you do you! Of course if you know are going to a formal event I would definitely choose a glitz dress or jumpsuit. Overall I prefer to dress how I feel - If I want to be a little dressed up I'll go ahead and get it together. Lol I remember when I was younger in school people would ask where I was going or what I was doing that day. No where and not much- I just felt like wearing a dress and adding a bright lipstick. At the end of the day dress what you are comfortable with and maybe add in one idea/trend that you might not be 100% sure of. Test it out in a small way with a third piece layer or accessory, you might surprise yourself and love it!
Above are a few outfit ideas for the season that incorporate a dressy and casual style mix for the Holidays. All of them tie in 6 Holiday trends highlighted below.

Finally we are in December and who is ready to feel festive? Pick me! Ooh and we even had a little snow here in Houston last night! With all the holiday events coming up – Party time, family time, New Year time? There is a lot we need to cover :)

1.     VELVET  - OK so yall have been hearing me go on and on about this all season. It can seem a little out there dance uniform feeling and formal but I think everyone is starting to warm up to this trend.  I have worn a few velvet dresses this season to weddings and I love this Zara lace green style (above) for a holiday work party with Chayson (working on the full post). Velvet should be the show piece with the remaining outfit toned down (solid colors, or even denim). The idea would be to pick one velvet item – dress, jacket, kimono/cardi, shoes. There are so many styles and sillouettes to choose from! Pick what works for you. 

2.     METALLIC SHINE – Because what holiday would it be without a little glitz and glam? Tis the season to get a little disco ball style. Neutral metallics (blush, brown, creme/taupe) are such a hit right now. I love silver for holiday celebrations and if it feels like too much pair your outfit with a basic solid topper (2nd image on the top). You'll find racks with beaded skirts (perfect with a chunky sweater) and pops of shine on accessories and shoes. 

3.     LEATHER - The easiest way to adopt this idea is either add a leather jacket or pair of leather leggings to your look. Now you do not need to spend $$$ on this - there are several great vegan leather styles out there. I always feel a little cooler (ugh or did, my jacket is still missing) when I'm in leather. With leggings pick a pair with a ponte back or side panel to add a little extra stretch. You can even mix this with a lace dress to edge it up or metallic to tone it down.

4. LACE - Romantic or edgy? With the whole femme chic trend happening, lace really seems to live year round vs. holiday shine. To me, the color is what defines romantic vs. edgy. Jewel tones + black  are great for the holiday and there are so many pretty styles to choose. I am a fan of the black slip dresses and cami. Also little bits of lace detail add a romantic femme feel to just about any silhouette (neckline above).

 5. FUR - I don't know what it is but anything fur makes me feel 100% more glam. Love this trend! It's a little warm to pull off here in TX but I still wear my faux fur to cozy up at work or around the apt. There are so many fun furry details on cardigans and pullovers - casual meets glam? Last year I found this awesome multicolored fur jacket HERE and adding a soft stole to a dress or jumpsuit adds an extraaaa touch. 

6.     RED - Nothing says show stopper and Santa Babyyyy than a bold bright red! Besides being such a hot color this season - we have transitioned from wine to full on fire engine red. Pair a bright red dress (like this) or bag with a red matte lip for an extra pop. Y'all know I love matching lip colors with my outfits. I've linked my fav lady reds below :)

Hope this helps inspire a little holiday glitz. I'll be posting the full looks on a few of these asap! Let me know if y'all have any questions or need help finding something specific. Always happy to help! Happy Holidays friends.

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