Saturday, September 30, 2017

GTL X Selena Gomez

Happy to be back friends! Life these days as I have mentioned before can be quite the balancing act - all good things and I'm so thankful. One of the things I've been missing in life is G&G. My creative fashion corner via the world wide web:) Finallyyy (with the help of Chayson's photography skills thank youu) I have a new celeb Get the Look post. I am loving all the recent fall trends and I have so many things I would love to share with you - sometimes it's just like can we get a few more hours in the day please? Learning to balance and with some advice and encouragement from my cousin (check her site out here) I am trying to set aside some weekly time to work on this fun style space of mine.

Every time I have a hmm you know I haven't heard anything from (insert name) in a awhile...BAM. They are back in action. A few weeks ago I had that feeling about today's Get the Look girl. I love stars who are relatable - I feel like people can easily become consumed with the media and spotlight...but at the end of the day we are all just people right?

As a fellow Texas native, hispanic backgroundBarney loving (90s child), and 20 something yr old foodie fan - my girl Selena Gomez checks in on all the above. Her music is always so catchy, she's adorable, doesn't get caught up in the gossip and most importantly she loves her fansShe's been on the quiet side lately and in this Vogue interview she opens up about taking a step back to relax and recover (completely understood). With her recent health update (here) I'm happy she's doing what's best for her to relax and recover...and girl is still looking amazing!

From Disney darling to full on pop star Selina's style is always changing. She easily pulls off laid back Cali style, edgy street style, as well as polished and prim.  I've always been such a fan and love seeing her style grow and change throughout the years. This Selena inspired look super easy to recreate with a few closet basics- black blazer+pumps, distressed denim, black crop/screen tee. The whole Menswear inspired trend has been around for quite some time and I love this cool look. Selena loves to rock her denim and distressed styles always make the look with her (images above) - I am not sure if I would have normally paired this all together on my own but thank you Selena for the inspo - borrowing this idea from the boys.

All together my total look is under $100 and everything easily pairs back to tons of other great outfit options. I shopped a lot of fast fashion stores and previously owned a lot of the basics. I also hit up an Express sale for my denim. Oh and my bag - how cute is that? It is from Garment Society and I love the luxe fur feel. Here is a great Zara blazer option that also fits this look. I also linked similar ideas at the end of this post.
Recently, I've been in a bit of a closet rut. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a fall refresh and put together new looks/add in a few new trending pieces to pair back with my basics.  After traveling back to NY for work, I feel so inspired again in my fashion mindset. Sometimes it just takes a little time to settle in and restyle your closet staples.

Hope you all have a had a nice weekend. My parents are in town and it's been so nice catching up with them and hanging out. I'll be in LA this week and I'm excited to see more upcoming Spring styles and looks. 


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