Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Beginnings+Summertime Love

Hi friends! I'm back and we are finally up and running over here.  A little quiet on G&G these days - but I will say it is kind of hard to update a blog without wifi. Today I have a 2fer post.
1. Life Update 2. Summer wedding style (scroll to the end for details).

As of this weekend I have cable (milestone) wifi, a bed, and a home in the making. The 42 boxes are now gone, my furniture is in place, and for the first time in three weeks Houston feels like home. It's been a lot of crazy these past few weeks - I started a new job, was pretty sick my first week here so I was thrown off my workout/foodie routine, and everything was a complete mess in my apartment lol I know some of y'all saw the snaps...how I managed to pack 42 boxes from my studio apartment is still a mystery to me. Happy to give up the blow up bed life and for the most part everything is beginning to settle. Back on my morning #wakeupcall workout status and my kitchen is already being put to use :) Work is going well and it's seriously such a small world - a few of my Aggie girlfriends also happen to work on my floor. We had lunch on my first day and it's nice to not completely feel like the new kid.

This past weekend Chayson was back in town from his vacays and I was able to get a lot done in my apartment. The closet is situated (priorities) and my vision (Pinterest inspo here) is coming together in my living room. I really love my new space and it's nice to just start living. Also thank you so much to everyone who's reached out to include/invite me out. All the Houston ladies have been so welcoming and I finally made my way out this weekend. Over the hermit status so Chayson and I went to Pax Americana (Tapas style) and a friend invited me to Liberty Kitchen/out downtown. It was nice seeing familiar faces and catching up with friends and family here. So overall - all is well and I'm very happy to be home. Oh and I knew it wouldn't be too long NYC I'll already be heading back for work in August. Yay! Missed you girllll xo.
Ok so even though my past few weekends have consisted of workout clothes and swimsuits, Summer wedding style is about to be in full swing. I've had a few recent friends get engaged (Congrats Sarah+Chadwick) and eek I'm going to be in my best friend's wedding this Labor Day weekend. SO excited for the celebrations. Since I'm in the wedding I'll be wearing a bridesmaids dress (Great pick btw Brit) but if I were attending another summer wedding, this dress would be my outfit for the occasion. I LOVE this look so much and I think it would make the perfect summer wedding guest dress. Surprise surprise I was shopping in Juniors department again - but hey I'm all about a great find no matter where you find it :) There are few left on the posted link - but these similar styles below are close options too!

Normally in the summer I automatically would think shorter dress, especially here in Texas...BUT you can still keep cool and pull off an elegant look in a long dress. Make sure to stick with flowy light fabrics - Chiffon, silk, cotton, and breathable materials. Depending on the dress code I would stick to a sweet and simple look. Florals, lace, bows, ruffles, and pastel hues. Also a bonus with longer dresses - Comfy shoes y'all! Bust out your wedges or your most comfortable dancing shoes :)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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