Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Love You a Latte

There really is nothing more comforting than a prime cafe set up and a strong cup of coffee. It is the perfect place to unwind/catch up with a friend or post up and get your focus on. My love for this cozy scene began back in college. Speaking best friend visited this past weekend and we loved reminiscing about all the great times we had at our second home, Sweet Eugenes House of Java...aka Sweets. It was home to many nights working on projects (including the one that brought me to NYC), final studies, friend dates, and my favorite kolaches. But lets get real, when it came to coffee CollegeVic (HERE), I was running off of sugar frappes, blended ice drinks, and White Raspberry lattes Yumm (Throwback pix). Don't get me wrong I'm completely into that every now and then, but it's funny how four years out of school my tastes have changed. These days I need something with a little more kick. I stick to more espresso based drinks...and Americanos always seem to get the job done. When times get rough aka workin off the weekend brain- a classic cup of joe always has my back. Let me tell you when it comes to cozy cute coffee nooks, NYC will never disappoint.

Back in April, my friend Di and I (check her out here) were all about a productive morning. We wanted to get our workout on, take a few style snaps after, and grab some coffee to catch up. Oh and we found the cutest place! Galerie De Cafe in Tribeca was next up on the Cafe hit list. Soo I saw a post of a gorgeous rainbow latte and you know that is what really caught my eye lol After our workout class we got cute, took some snaps, and made our way downtown to Galerie De Cafe.

Aside from serving beautiful drinks, the cafe is also part art gallery and displays art from local kids (so cute). They rotate each piece every month or so and that would explain our hmm I wonder what the painting is supposed to represent comments lol. We ordered a few pastries baked straight from Amy's Bread and Balthazar (yum) and a round of Rainbow lattes. I love how each latte is a complete work of art in itself. The barista said that depending on the coloring and pours, each drink is unique and colors may vary (as you can see from our purple/green snaps). Now I'm sure you are wondering what did this taste like?! This pretty pic worthy drink tasted like any regular latte (no added sugar) just a pop of color! If you are looking for a New York original this is it - the coffee beans are sourced directly from Dallis Bros. Coffee right here in NY (love the rich New York history). This partnership delivers fresh, organic, trade free coffee anddd a caffeine pop to two very happy customers :) Keep scrolling for my favorite NYC Coffee/Cafe Favs!

G&G NYC Café Coffee Diaries List

On to Style Snaps - This April morning was on the chillier side so I kept it casual and covered with my fringed F21 denim and Steve Madden slides. I would say my jeans+shoes are the stars of this outfit and my grey Mango button down has always been a great closet basic to have. Seriously everything from Mango is always so polished and put together. The little split back is fun and it does add an little something extra to what would be the average button down. Similar styles pinned below to Get the Look. Thinking I'll wear this outfit to work tomorrow possibly. Cloudy with a side of 56 degrees, so I'll keep it warm and covered.

But covered not for long! I'll be packing my swimsuit and dresses for this weekend! So excited to be visiting Houston for my best friend's couples shower. It'll be so great to see everyone and catch up with the college crew to celebrate my peeps.

P.S - Still need Mother's Day goodies? Check out my last post here featuring Perfectly Pearl LLC. Some of the most gorgeous strands for Momma Birdyy.

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