Monday, March 27, 2017

West Coast Romper

And apparently last week was the first day of Spring. In NYC, maybe not - but on the calendar lets just go with it. I am so excited to finally start sharing some fun Spring looks/trends with you.  I've been shopping around and this season there are so many fresh looks! Tassels, fringe, florals...It has definitely put me in vacation mode. Speaking of from my trip to LA this month will be trickling in. I'm sure y'all have caught on to the blogger life. Honestly, we all pretty much stock pile pictures and fun stories to share when the time is right haha or when I am able to piece together how it all went :) The time has come...

So LALA LAND...It was my first time visiting and I decided to go see a friend of mine from high school.  We went hiking, did some shopping, and stayed at The Standard Hotel for a night. Ohh we also toured literally every celeb's home. My mom was asking me which houses I saw, lol I was like I'm not sure which ones I didn't see? A lot of HUGE homes and huge house payments that's for sure. Definitely a more relaxed pace vs. our on the go NYC lifestyle - but it was so nice to catch up and see life in LA. I think my favorite part was driving the Pacific Coast Highway. Oh the views were gorgeous! It was still a little chilly outside, but I took advantage of the beach palms and spring/summer vibes. I'll be making my way back for sure, there are so many places to see and explore!
Now on to spring/summer - Bring on the florals! It's a given that this time of year stores are filled with floral prints and garden themes. Being a Texas native, we love our prints and now is the prime time for them. Finally when the city is on board with prints - I catch myself seriously trying to not buy all the things. Since I am seeing a lot of crossover from last seasons trends, I really need to go back and dig out my spring wardrobe just to see what I have. This trip I pulled a high school move and swapped clothes with my friend haha we used to do that all the time to mix and match different looks. I borrowed this CUTE bright red floral romper (here) for the day. It's from Francescas (loveeee me some Frannys) and I also linked similar printed rompers at the end of this post.

Also another favorite way to keep up with the seasonal fashions (without dipping too deep into the brunch funds - wait jk I mean rent/adult things) is to highlight accessories. Tassels are still so strong! It seems that this year though it is all about statement tassel earrings. The ones I am wearing came from a boutique in San Antonio last summer (why did I not buy more colors?). I've seen a lot of them in stores now and I linked similar ones below.
SO about the shoes - Wood heels, cork bottoms and block artisan lace shoes are also trending. A good black and nude heel with these elements is all you really need...who am I kidding I have like 5 different pairs, Guilty. You'll see me living in these types of heels this spring (here).

This weekend was such a great one, seriously the ultimate catch up time. I like to try to plan out catch up dates each week/ explore new places on my hit list and I would say this one was a success. It's always so hard with everyone's busy schedules but sometimes you just have to nail down dates for things to happen lol Sooo Friday I had a date night with a girlfriend. We went to Cello Wine Bar in midtown and it was so cute! Can never go wrong with girl time and a cheese plate+wine. After my HIIT class Saturday, I ended up at Ground Central a coffee shop I've wanted to try (reminds me of my college home Sweet Eugenes). All the couches and coffee smells, takes me back to my Mays days. That night I finally saw Beauty and the Beast (ah so good all the feelings...I laughed and secretly cried). Adding a Chip coffee mug to my wish list, the cutest!

Ended the weekend at Rosies for a bday brunch + Pietro Lolita for some sips afterwards. The pink decor in Pietro is seriously SO great. I'll be back for the insta pics don't worry G&G is on it haha.  Finally had a much needed phone call from my bestie back home. Eeek her baby is due so soon! Can't wait to be an Auntie V <3 So many exciting things happening for everyone.

Back on that Monday grind - Hope everyone is had a great day! Ready to be back in TX this weekend, let the boyfriend bday celebration begin!!!



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