Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trending - Standing Out in Camo

After coming off a weekend of sunshine and LA beach views, thinking this next weekend will be spent in cozy pom beanies and sweaters. The thought of snow kind of makes me think ugh...but I'm going to stay positive and think warm and cozy thoughts (and outfits).

Blend in? Nope, lets try standing out – Trending this year have been all things Camo. I’ve seen bags, leggings, pants, jackets, skirts all repping this print (ideas linked below). Camo has officially made its name in fashion, and I’m not talking about Destiny’sChild Survivor status either lol Ok so at first I wasn’t 100% sure of this trend, but eventually (as most things do) it grew on me. In a previouspost here, I mentioned I love wearing olive – So I figured I'd give this look a try. As a fellow small town Texan, my peeps back home have been trending this look for years! Lol but in more of a hunting/fishing way of course. Runways and retailers are fully on board with the military army inspired print. This color combo isn’t new but these past few seasons I’ve definitely noticed a stronger presence in stores. With Spring on the move I'm also seeing lighter camo prints and added color too.

A few weeks ago, I came across this pullover top HERE and I’ve caught myself wearing it a lot lately. The lace up front (also trending) gives this more of a fashion vs. hunting feel. It's the perfect pullover post gym too with a baseball cap. The trick to this trend I would say is to keep it simple. Choose one camo piece (top, bottom, jacket) and pair it back with a basic. You can create SO many different looks with this. I’ve even seen a few girls take it a step further and dress it up with a sequin bottom/skirt or leather jacket. I chose to layer with my favorite H&M black topper jacket (similar) and black leggings. I know we are SO over winter but with 20 degree weekends still happening – the Pom beanie is a must for me - Also found at Necessary in stores.

Getting my Pinterest on! Created a fun #Trending Pin for G&G
P.S Sad to be leaving LA – It was so nice catching up with my high school friend! She showed me such a great time! Oh we also shot some fun spring looks – excited to have those in the works for you all! Hope you all had a great weekend. Easing back into that week on a Wednesday is the best way to go.


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