Thursday, February 2, 2017

VDay+Bday+Date Dinner Dress

As I mentioned in my last post - Feb is a pretty stacked month. Birthdays, wedding, Vday...just social I need cute dress things!

That being said, this month I knew I would be in need of a couple dresses for the occasions. Shopping Tip: Sometimes when I cannot make up my mind I take everything home and try it all on with my shoes/accessories to see what I can get the MOST out of. What do I own that I can make a few different outfits with? If it doesn't make the cut back to the store it goes - I hate feeling rushed or not 100% about a look. OR if the price is too good to pass up (like this pretty lace dress featured) I'll go ahead and make it a keeper. I actually found this red lace dress in the Juniors section at Macys. I tried being an adult and shopping upstairs - but this was such a great deal and I think it's so cute. I've seen similar more expensive styles out and about and I was surprised to see more mature (in my 20s ok you know what I mean) styles in the Jrs section.

Thinking Friday I'll possibly wear this to my date night Bday dinner :) Haii Chayson gets a sneak peek! Love the bold red and I'm feelin this look for a romantic Feb look. SO excited too also try a new restaurant for drinks that opened in my neighborhood. It's called Fine and Rare - opened by the same owners of the Flatiron Room (which I also love). Excited for some fun cocktails and then dinner at Il Buco - which has also been on my foodie hitlist.

This bag is seriously one of my favorite closet rediscoveries. I completely forgot I even had this little
guy! I bought it awhile back and it's actually Vince Camuto. I loved the furry print and it's a nice contrast with the red lace. I found a similar bag here to get the look. My shoes are from a resale shop (ah my secret is out) and honestly I think they might be an old Target label? Not 100% sure but they were never worn brand new and $10 - Done. I found a few similar get the looks pinned above. 

YAY so excited for the weekend FINALLY! Ready for all the friends, food, and snaps! Hope you all have a great weekend. Comin atcha next week with a few more fun Vday dress inspo posts and a Look for Less post too.


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