Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feeling Fur+Glam

This past weekend - NYC was crushing so hard on Spring. 60 degrees, sunny, open door cafe seating...very much into it. I'm trying to snap more Spring looks these days. It's always so hard to know exactly when to switch out the closets. Oh and Texas girls - Lucky you, ya'll have NO clue what I'm talking about here. Northern girlies literally have to keep seasonal clothing under a bed (or wherever it fits) and then switch it out when it's time. All that cold weather stuff takes up so much space in our little homes. So right now I'm slowly bringing a few things out - Still hanging onto a few cold weather styles. Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite looks from a few weeks ago.

Pretty glam is how my furry vests make me feel. Is it weird that certain outfits can change my mood? Nope because it's a real thing - Aka "enclothed cognition". I was reading about it here. Makes sense, I always feel so much better about life when I have a plan and something cute goin on (insert emoji). Also shorts+tights...kind of a strange concept to me at first. I was inspired to give it a go from these girls here and here. Happy I did because I think this look is so cute and keeps you a little warmer especially for trans times like Jan/Feb. I wore this out with my boyfriend, to brunch, and I would wear a look like this out for drinks/out. I feel like this is an easy look to pull together with any shorts/tights/boots/vest. Get ready to see more of these looks next fall/trans season...layer love.

Of course always SO much love for my over the knee boots.  As I mentioned, NYC is a little behind in the whole Spring thing, but I'm still able to get away with my favorite Over the Knee boots...not much longer though. I found these a few seasons ago by Guess. This season OTKs were all over the place. Lucky you, some stores might still be lingering and they are all on sale - so I say time to snatch a deal! Loving these options below.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Excited for a shorter week and catch up time with friends. Beginning my packing list for LA. EEEK! Similar styles posted below.



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