Friday, February 24, 2017

Baseball Cap Cool

Before moving to NYC I would have never imagined wearing baseball caps and sneakers as often as I do. I know my blog is Glitzy&Glossy but my style has definitely evolved from everyday Glitz. Don't get me wrong this girl loves dressing up, but embracing a more comfy casual side of my closet has been a great move these days. Sometimes it's just too cold outside to care lol and sometimes life is much easier with half done hair and happy feet.

This amazing jacket find came into my life last year from a Macy's Backstage in Long Island. I was so excited to find this furry designer anorak. This year, I stumbled upon this cute baseball hat and I love the neutral perf details - It seems to go with just about everything. Between all my colored beanies and pom hats I'm starting to add more to my baseball cap collection (this is #3). I've also been wearing this jacket a lot after my weekend workouts with a cap or beanie to run errands in. The whole cap/sneaker combo is here to stay in my closet that's for sure. I also have a few bombers I've been rotating through the casual looks as well (prev post). Since I previously owned a lot of this outfit I linked a few similar inspired at the end of the post.

Speaking of casual...CALIFORNIA. Ah I am SO excited for my trip beginning March! I found a great deal online and booked a direct flight to LA from NYC. I'll be visiting a high school friend and I cannot wait for some sunny weather in my life. I haven't been before and it'll be fun to explore and have a mini vacation. If anyone has any go to suggestions please send them my way! Thinking I'll start getting a mini hit list ready this weekend. Beyond READY to dig out my Spring/summer styles! Happy Friday friends.



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