Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Trendinggggg....One of my favorite trends this past season I would have to say is seeing all the fuzzy multicolor styles. Since living in NYC of course black, grey, and white have become easy closet staples. I do love and appreciate all the fun colors though - Furry jacketsaccessoriesscarvesstoles, and even shoes sure did brighten up once dreary winter store windows. I was a little late to the game on this one but in January for me, the price was finally right. A few weeks ago I was able to get my hands on this fun multi colored anorak. Thankfully I scored an amazing deal at a shop in the Upper Eastside. It's already been worn several times with my beanie on weekends, running errands, and I've even worn it to work a couple of times. I've had a number of compliments on it and to me every compliment/wear is $$$ towards what I paid. Since jackets are basically your winter outfit, might as well make it cute! I think overall this look brings me out of my comfort zone and can pair with casual daily outfits or edge it up  with black denim/all black errythanggg (the NYC in me lol). I don't feel restricted to one look and with the colors - there's a lot to work with. I know I'll get great use (seeing as how the NYC winter game is still going strong). Plus the lining is removable and the entire jacket reverses to a vest too! I'll be sure to post that look soon.

A lot of the fast fashion guys have some great faux fur options on sale now. I haven't found many online but in stores definitely check out the sale section. If you're not looking to spend on a jacket there's always a layered scarf/stole look. Solid topper coats or over a long sleeve would definitely be a nice option for multi colored furry stoles. This look might not be for everyone, but since the beginning of the season I loved these scarves pinned below.

ALSO how cool is this blue door? Props to my friend Sarah and her artsy eye. One of my favorite parts of G&G - enlisting friends and fam for outfit snaps lol As previously mentioned, this whole thing really is a group effort. So thank you for the fun afternoon and hopping around all the Murray Hill doorsteps/messing with my moody camera :) 

Ok tried so hard to find my jacket online - I wasn't able to buttttt here are few really pretty street style outfit inspirations below I found on Pinterest. Also there's a few similar looks linked above and also this one here too. Like is said before January is the time to buy so be on the lookout and I'm sure there's another hidden find.

What's trending in my life? Well anyone who knows me/has talked to me recently... I finished Whole30 Yesterday - SO HAPPY. This was my second round #winteredition and I really just wanted a nice reset after all the December fun. I'll have to post a more in depth post about my Whole30 experiences another time, but for now I will say that it works! I feel so good and (insert emoji sparkle). Plus all my peeps were doing DryJan so we all stuck together on this one. February is a big month for me...SO many birthdays (I'm the 8th), Chayson comes to NYC to celebrate this weekend, I'll be back in TX for my cousins wedding (SO PUMPED), and overall socially catching up from my quiet January hibernation. 

Hope you all are off to a great week! Let me know if you find any fun multicolor trends on sale - Now go forth and shop.


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