Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter Brunch

Hi everyone! I know I am overdue for a post, I know they say consistency is key with blogging. But sometimes it is just so dang hard with life, trying to be social, getting things done, and work. I feel like when I come home all I want to do is workout and make dinner. That's it. Workin girl be tired these days. So thankful for each and every opportunity...I always have to remember that.

Above is the famous Target Bar Cart. I wanted it for SO LONG and finally gave in a few months ago before I moved. It really is a great little cart, and perfect for entertaining. I usually have it decked out with my favorite wine glasses, flowers, and coasters. For my birthday I received the above Kate Spade flutes and Anthro coasters in white for a gift (thanks girllll).

Soo I know Easter weekend was a good three weeks ago. But I still wanted to share some snaps and recipes from brunch. I thought this year it would be fun to host a brunch in my little East Egg apt...A play on The Great Gatsby since I live on the Eastside of NYC. (Great Gatsby version HERE). A friend and I began our Easter morning with Mass at St. Agnes Church in midtown and then made our way back to my place to prep the feast! I gave up coffee for lent and for so some reason I thought drinking a HUGE cup before mass would be a good wasn't I'll just say that :/ My tummy finally snapped out of it and we were ready to celebrate. Below I linked everything we made via Pinterest so you can give them a go! Everything was beyond delicious...we were quite proud.

The Brunch Menu 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3



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