Thursday, April 9, 2015

But First... Celfie

Well that's annoying...I finished writing this post. My Wifi kicked me off and nowww I am starting over. K cool. Anyways...this has been a non-stop week. I am ready for a very large chill pill and girl time with my TX bestie. She's coming to the city and I can't wait for sushi night, brunch at the Biergarten, and Sunday British Tea in West Village. I thought we would try a few of my favorite places. AH SO EXCITED. We are very much overdue for a major catch up session. It's weird how being an "adult" makes you work at friendships. If you want to talk or see each other it's like an event to just be like haiiii tell me your life. So I can't wait for tomorrow. And we get to wear jeans to work...thinking of busting out my favorite white jeans . 

I was so excited when I finally found this TargetStyle Celfie tee. I've literally seen it everywhere and $12.99 is such a steal! I snatched it up last month in Texas along with this Just Fab Clutch. I don't have any stripe bags/clutches and y'all know how I feel about my stripes. It was on sale for half off hollaaa. Since we aren't quite into rooftop weather here, I decided to pair my tee with my furry Cwonder vest for a little added warmth (ah RIP Cwonder)

Nerdy story about my Calvin heels...I have this weird sentimental attachment to them. Back when I was a college kidded I needed "business attire" for an organization in business school. I was like um. what does that entail? Luckily, my mom found these guys on sale at Macy's and I wore them to EVERYTHING. Every presentation, career fair, interview, BSC event, retailing assoc, you get the picture. They are comfy (chunky heel for the win) and I still slip em on every now and then. Love the classic black patent look. I linked similar styles above :)

#celfie will definitely be the appropriate hashtag for the weekend. Taken it back to the college days with my girlfrennn Brit <3 Hope you all have a great weekend.


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