Monday, April 6, 2015

Brooklyn - Bridges & Brews

Hi Everyone! Today's post is going to be a 2 in 1 kind of post. The first part is a style snippet and the second part is about my Brooklyn tourist day. First of all this was taken 2 weeks ago and it was beyond freezing on the Brooklyn Bridge...I really needed a heavier coat haha it actually started snowing a little bit and Chayson and I were not ready for that ('s March already). This coat is the exact same coat I am wearing in my Chocolate Stripes post, but in camel (mom ordered it like 3 years ago) and I love it! It's comfy and super soft faux fur and has a weatherproof reversible side as well. Since winter is basically over I had a hard time finding a similar look...all the stores have their Spring deliveries on the floor. It's about time!

This Leopard sweater (similar here and here) was such a great find. I think it's such a cute transitional piece. I can add springy mint/pink accessories (like these mint Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff clutches ) to liven it up and still keep warm while the weather is deciding what in the world it wants to do. My camel boots are Steve Madden and I found a similar darker boot HERE. If you are lucky you might be able to snatch a good deal on riding boots...they should all be tremendously marked down at this point.

PART 2 - HAPPY 2 Years <333

HAPPY 2 Years to this silly guy! We wanted to do something fun and touristy... and walking the Brooklyn Bridge made the bucket list cut! It was COLD but totally worth it. We took the 6 train down to City Hall and began our walk from there. Ah you can find some of the most gorgeous views of the skyline, the Williamsburg Bridge, and The Freedom Tower. I always get chills when I see the Freedom Tower. I still have I cannot believe I live here moments and this was definitely one of them. 

Chayson and I had took TONS of selfies and had mini photo shoots of the buildings/with the buildings (along with everyone else) on the way. When we finally made it across we walked what we could, gave in, and took a cab to Williamsburg. I had been dying to take him to Radegast Hall & Beirgarten. If you haven't been there it's amazing (like all the food here). The beef tartar and sausages are delicious...true german cookin! It's a pretty airy space and the atmosphere is a lot fun. Afterwards we walked around, explored, and eventually stopped for sangria at The Fat Goose which was quite refreshing. Check out our snaps below :) 

We both had such a fun day, and it was a great way to begin our second year (woahhh) together. Definitely going to spend some more time in Brooklyn...(INSERT THEME MUSIC HERE)


Also be sure to check out these lovely ladies below!

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