Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel & Navy Blues

Calypso St. Barth Sweater Dress (Similar here and here) // Street Scarf (Similar) // Louis Vuitton Bag (Similar MK Version) // Navy Tights // Burberry Boots - Found these at a tent sale here! I'll post details soon about that (Similar here and here)
OK. I am SO happy to finally be back in the Big Apple. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful weekend in Texas (made it for Independence day ha) but it sure was hell getting back up here. Logistics were not in the cards for Chayson and I this weekend.

Friday night we spent the evening in Houston and caught up with a few friends (much needed time), and then Saturday morning we scrambled to make the trip to San Antonio for a friend's wedding. I thought we had more time and then after we made a few wrong turns (thanks Siri) we were an hour late to the wedding...luckily it started and hour late so we were good. And then afterwards Chayson lost his keys :/ All we could do was laugh about all the silly things that were just not working out that day. Overall, it was a gorgeous wedding and it was a lot of fun meeting Chayson's co-workers anddd dancing to country music (dang it's been awhile). Sunday we drove back to Houston to catch my 7pm flight back to NYC. I was checking my flight status ALL day trying to make sure everything was good to go. It's on schedule, I get checked in, and as soon as soon as I sit down and crack open a book CANCELLED comes across the previous on schedule sign. I couldn't believe it, this weather just wanted me to stay in TX a little longer. I'm glad it did though, because we decided to make a night of it. On our way back to Chayson's apt we picked up a bottle of wine and he made dinner (he sure is quite the chef) <3

Monday I was able to get on a 6am flight from Houston to Chicago. The connection from Chicago to NYC was also delayed Soo I spent literally all day in the airport. Chicago O'hare and I got to know each other pretty well, along with the Starbucks. Oh well, what can ya do...glad to be back safe and sound.

Here are a few snaps from my outfit from a few weeks ago. I've worn this look to work and I love the put togetherness of it. It's always tricky figuring out what to wear when it's so chilly out. I was joking with a friend the other day saying this is what I look like WHEN I get to work. There is no way I would be prancing around the icy streets in these boots...Once again, Carrie Bradshaw lied. Sorry to break the news, but she did haha ;)

These Burberry Boots are another one of my city treasures I have found. You won't believe the deal on these puppies! (working on a treasure post soon).

My sister got me these Kendra Scott Earrings (above) last year for my bday. I LOVE them so much! She did a great job with her selection and I haven't seen many styles like them. The emerald is such a pretty color. Similar styles here and here.

Hope everyone is having a great week. And safe travels if you are flying :) Wishing you a trip of zero delays and cancellations (we can only hope). 


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