Thursday, March 5, 2015

Roses are Red...

I know I keep mentioning my "Treasure Finds" or "Fab Finds" in a lot of my blog posts lately. But I seriously cannot believe some of the things I have stumbled upon here in the city. About a month ago, Chayson and I came across a Storage Wars type situation in the Flatiron neighborhood. It looked like a flea market with tents and tables everywhere with tons of random things. Everything from kitchen appliances, furniture, old clothes...AND these perfect red shoes. The retail girl in me can proudly say I found these beauties for approx 95% off. Insane. They came with the box and everything! These Loubs have had a little love and could use a bit of heel doctoring, but other than that they are perfect. **Linked above is my Louboutin dream shoe wish list! A girl can dream right? ;)

I cannot wait to wear them...I don't have a pair of red pumps and I think these are a great pair to start with. And the best part is they are super comfy, someone already broke em in haiiiii (and the hard 
part is done). 

Sorry I basically had a photos shoot with these guys. They are just too pretty, and they happened to match my V-day flowers. Wahh I have so many more treasures to share with you all. What's your fav find? C'mon everyone has one...that Aha moment! I'd love to hear :) 



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