Thursday, February 5, 2015

V-Day Cuties

Happy almost Valentine's Day everyone! This year I'll be celebrating with my man and with my ladies. As far as my Valentine... I will actually be spending the holiday with Chayson a little early. My birthday is on the 8th so he will be visiting for my bday/vday weekend. Eeek excited to finally see him (He will be here tonight!). On Valentine's Day I want to organize a brunch or go to dinner with a few friends...maybe see a movie (Mimosas + 50 Shades anyone??)

So all you single ladies (insert Yonce), lets celebrate with a casual day and a romantical night with wine and bad for you snacks (fav kind of night). Take a peek at my post from last year Top 10 V-Day To-Dos. I'll have to check a few of those off my list. I love all of these sweet pink outfit ideas and accessories. I would pair these pink glitter flats + leggings + rose sweater for a fun day with the girls. I'm hoping to post a casual date night look soon! SO be on the lookout for that.

Moving update - We are all moved into the new apt. I'm still situating everything but it looks like everything should be good to go by tomorrow. This second moving round was definitely easier than the first. Shipping was not involved which makes everything much more manageable. I can't wait to show you guys when it's all finished!



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