Monday, January 26, 2015

Wishing for Spring - Pastels

Pastels means Spring is coming right? I think that is just what I've been wishing lately. You know it's bad when you check the weather in the morning and think - YES it's 30 degrees! That was the case for this day above...not so much today. We were released early from work today to prep for Winter Storm Juno.  I never thought I'd have to endure an actual blizzard? How in the world do people do that? This Texas girl looked like an icicle when I finally made it to the grocery store after work. I stocked up on a few essentials (TP, candles, snacks, deli food etc.). The grocery stores were INSANE...hopefully this doesn't last too long. Everything should be cleared up by Wednesday.

A few friends and I went to brunch at The Crooked Knife last Saturday (FAVORITE neighborhood restaurant) and this was my #ootd. When they say bottomless mimosa's they really mean a lot of champagne and a litttttle bit of OJ - which makes a lovely afternoon ;)

I love these soft colors and this jacket was an amazing deal HERE. Old Navy is on point with their cold weather style steals...I could buy everything in there. I did have a hard time finding a similar floral blouse. This one came from Zara Monaco. If there is one thing I can say I KNOW I accomplished in Europe it was traveling to a Zara in every country ;) Zara Monaco, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, maybe another? - My group and I covered them all! I found a few similar floral tops (linked above).

Similar Accessories

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is one of my classic favorites. It's a great size and the gold hardware matches a lot of my wrist accessories (all about the gold these days). I bought it a few summers ago and I noticed recent similar styles here and here.

Stay warm and safe everyone! #Juno2015


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