Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lazy Weekends

THIS is exactly what the weekends were made for (above). I'm cuddled up in the cloud blanket (invest in a down comforter it will change your life) and I have zero intentions of leaving. Last night a few friends and I had a final get together in my apartment before I move to my new place. We all had such a great time and for a second it felt like I was in college again. Looking at our group it was funny to see all the weird ways we were connected (mutual friends/work/schools) and somehow we all ended up here in the city.

This may sound silly but I'm feeling a little bummed.. I've grown SO attached to my home here. I have made so many wonderful memories shared with my Texas visitors and nyc friends. I guess you can say I'm in this weird reflective mood just thinking about this past year. Before I went to college I always wondered who are my friends going to be? What will I be like in 4 years? Where will I live/be doing? I never thought I would end up here and looking back it's crazy to think that 90% of what I knew about New York came from Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw (which by the way they both lied haha). These same thoughts rushed back as I graduated college..who will be my friends? Where will I be? What exactly am I doing?  I'm still figuring out the what exactly will I be doing (new job), but I'm thankful to have found a group of friends and a place to call home.

I think change is good and I'm excited to see what round 2 here has in store. My parents are finally coming to visit me this week and I am looking forward to some family time. Now that I actually know where I'm going/things to do - It's going to be a fun week!

Along with weekend lounging comes surfing the web. Here are a few links I stumbled upon and wanted to share :)

Five Minute Hair Styles : Because who wants to spend more than 5 mins doing that on a Monday. NOT me.

Apt Refresh 2015 : This read has some great tips and gorgeous decor inspo

Homemade Pop Tart : YES.

No Bake Energy Bites : Easy recipe, looks yummy!

Sisterly Love : My sister and I literally do 90% of these things haha Anyone with sisters KNOWS.

Lightened Orange Chicken Recipe : I definitely want to give this one a try!

LOVE this bag HERE in the powder blue. AND it won't break the bank ;)

This bow bag also needs to make an appearance in my closet.

The Anatomy of a Warm Coat : Very useful info for cold weather shopping.

Lilly for Target : LOVE these bright floral prints! The new line comes in April so be on the lookout. I could use a Lilly Pulitzer bikini this summer.

Fashion Week Guide : Corals + Cognacs covers the ins and outs of New York Fashion Week. She discusses a few things I've been wondering as well #nyfw.

Black, White, Pale Pink, and Grey decor : I could live in any of these rooms. Dreamy pretty homes.

Hope your weekend has been fab!



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