Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get the Look - Olivia Palermo Hairstyle

Hi everyone! I  am so excited to finally have my Get the Look post up. I teamed up with two amazing bloggers to put together Olivia Palermo's signature look! I styled her outfit, Kyla from "Ky Marie C" is giving us OP's hairstyles (featured today on G&G),  and I have Emily from "Flowers in Emily's Hair" recreating Olivia Palermo's makeup/beauty look. Keep reading for the complete look and see my OP style on Emily's blog HERE! Don't forget to follow both Kyla and Emily for more get the look series.

**Today I am showing you all how to recreate Olivia Palermo’s signature curls! I love how she always has a middle part and rocks her pulled back classic curls.

 I start out with my Conair 1.5” curling iron on the highest setting. I apply my Tresseme Heat Protectant Spray to all of my hair. This is extremely important when applying any heat product to your hair because without it you can cause serious heat damage to your hair, which can lead to breakage and damaged hair. I start out my sectioning my hair: top/bottom half & right/left side of my head.

Starting with the bottom half, I take small sections about an inch and a half wide and curl away from my head. I hold for about 30 seconds but I have extremely thick hair. Test out different timings to find the perfect amount for your hair type.

Once I finish the bottom half of my hair, I apply an even amount of hair spray over the curls. My favorite hair spray is the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay. This product has amazing hold without getting crunchy and hard.

Then I move to the top half of my hair and continue to curl, alternating toward my face and away from my face. When I get to the short pieces of hair around my face I always make sure to curl those away from my face. This is done to help frame your face.  After I’m done curling the top half of my hair, I apply another coat of hairspray.

To fully get the Olivia Palermo look pull back the front sections of your hair and secure with a bobby pin.

And you’re done! You have recreated Olivia Palermo’s classic curls!

***Hope you all enjoyed Kyla's Olivia Palermo Hair tutorial. Find Olivia's Beauty look HERE with Emily, and my Olivia Style HERE on Emily's blog.




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