Sunday, December 28, 2014


Left to Right: Lace Navy Dress \\ Silver Sequin Dress \\ Black Shimmer Dress \\ Navy Sequin Dress \\ Gold Shimmer Dress \\  Black Tulle Dress \\ Mini Evening Bag \\ Ear Jackets (kind if look like little fireworks) \\ Midnight Mask ( I thought this was a fun accessory..even if it's not a masquerade theme)

AHH it's almost 2015! Don't worry ladies, you still have plenty of time to find the perfect look...I'm still deciding which dress to wear. I'm so excited to spend the New Year in the city and YAY Chayson is coming too! I haven't ever really done anything big NYE but this year we are going all out for 2015. A friend of mine is hosting a party and I can't wait to catch up with everyone. (pop fizz clink)

If you are still in need of a NYE look maybe my above picks can spark some inspiration. I know most  of us stick with silver, gold, and sequins..but I really love the two navy dresses I found above. It's something a little different and can easily be worn throughout 2015. Check out my last Party Dress Post HERE for more dress links and images as well.

It's been a wonderful 9 day vacation in Texas (it went by SO fast), but it's time for me to pack up my goodies and head back to the city hustle. Loved catching up with loved ones and just being's a nice feeling. Eh kind of dreading opening my work inbox, that's always fun to come back to after being away haha. However, I am looking forward to 2015 and what is to come...2014 was a crazy one for me THAT'S for sure - New City, new home, new friends, new job, new EVERYTHING (mostly). I am so thankful for this year, the opportunities, friends, and Texas visitors who have come to stay with me in my little home. I'm expecting y'all to book your flights again to hang out with me ;)

 Mmm currently thinking of New Years resolutions, what are some of yours?



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