Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Guide #4 - Keeping it Cozy

Candles . Onesie . Scarf . VS Robe . Sleep Set (top similar bottoms). Beanie . House Shoes . Blanket . Bubble Bath . 

Lately I have wanted nothing more than to stay in my apartment, watch movies, and chill. I love the feeling of wrapping up in a comfy robe with my hair piled on top of my head - total veg out mode. Everyone is out busy bustling around (tis the season), but sometimes it's nice to take the time to just relax (tea in hand and fresh candles lit).

Above are a few of my comfy cozy gifting ideas. I think I could live for days in that waffle onesie...why don't I have one of these yet? Sleepwear, robes, and loungewear always make a great gift. Lace details and cashmere create the perfect balance of comfy and cute.

Here are a few others on my list as well.

Hope all of you are keeping warm and staying cozy.



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