Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beanie Baby

Prima Donna Beanie . Zara Knit Top . Rag and Bone Jeans . Coach Boots (similar style) . Louis Vuitton Bag .
Plaid Scarf (similar) .
One of the things I do appreciate about this time of the year is it's time to toss the beanie on! It's really the perfect solution to flat hair/I don't really want to do anything to my hair today...Just kidding, but really I do enjoy the morning ease of not having to worry about what exactly my hair decides to do. My burgundy OR Marsala (Pantone color of the year) beanie is from Prima Donna and it was such nice find for $11 haiiiii. It pairs perfectly with my plaid scarf (similar here). I have my eye on these cute beanies here, here, here, and here. It's amazing what a difference a hat can make in terms of surviving the NYC cold. I was struggling walking to the gym a few days ago and my friend let me use her scarf to cover my ears...soo much betta.

Luckily I was able to get away with a sleeveless knit sweater top during my visit to Texas a few weeks ago. I wasn't too sure what to bring (coat, sweaters, scarves...shorts? ha) So a sleeveless knit top was a good choice since I unexpectedly had to leave a day early because of the weather eek. The weather has a mind of it's own these days, and I was not willing to wait to see if I got to go home or not. I had a good hour to finish up at work and sprint home to pack the rest of my things for Thanksgiving week. It was SO nice being back in TX a day early. I had a much needed cousin catch up time and a morning brunch spent with one of my best friends.

Kendra Scott Earrings (wearing them nonstop lately) . Swarovski Crystal Necklace 

Charming Charlie Bangle (Love this too here) . Express Chain Bracelet (in stores)

Images and handbag  by TheJude 

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