Sunday, November 9, 2014

8 Week Hot Body Challenge

So I decided to clean myself up a little and get a head start on the New Years resolution. I discovered Blogilates a few weeks ago and I am obsessed. I've always been really into dance, barre, step, Pilates type classes and this is the perfect mix. Cassey Ho the founder of POP Pilates, is so motivating and upbeat (not to mention adorable). Check out her Youtube channel here. She is challenging her readers/followers to an 8 Week Hot Body Challenge and I decided to give it a try.

I do attend workout classes a few times during the week at Crunch Gyms, but I want a little more structure and something to keep me accountable. I recruited a friend of mine to do this 8 Week Hot Body Challenge (here) and I'm going to try to stick with this. The hardest part for me will be not eating my life during the holidays :/ With this cold weather coming I want to stay active and not go into complete hibernation.

This whole challenge is based around eating clean and working out...nothing too crazy right? AND you get a YOLO meal every week (eat ANYTHING hollaaa). Cassey has a different workout calendar each month with workout videos to go with each day's focus (arms, abs, total body, etc). I think I am going to alternate the videos with a different workout class.

VSX SportsBra - LOVE this color

Isn't this fit journal cute? I couldn't help but snatch this to keep me on track! It's not too late to join in if any of you want to give it a try. Wish me luck, Day 1 begins tomorrow.


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