Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flashing Lights - NYC

Hello all! Sorry I've been a bit MIA these few days but let me tell you...It's been crazy. After a few stressful/tense days I'm happy to say I am FINALLY a tenant of an apt on Madison Ave. My roommate and I are beyond excited for a great memories to come. We got so lucky with this one. Yesterday we spent about 6 hours in the Jersey Ikea and we got an amazing deal on all our apt furniture..that's IKEA for ya though. It was my first time in one of the stores -literally a one stop shop. Loved it..I'll post pics once everything is delivered and settled.

Bag - Rebecca Minkoff // Jacket - Liz Claiborne // Boots - Vince Camuto // Jeans - AG Jeans
Soo since I can't move until Saturday, my family and I have had a nice time enjoying the Upper West Side. The Upper West is a quiet, clean, very pretty area. It's right along the park and I love the neighborhood feel.
Upper West Side - Lovely Red Door
 For my Dad's birthday we enjoyed drinks and the Rock of Ages show. We ended up in the second row and it was basically like a concert. All of the performers were amazing..true talent. I always end up leaving the shows wishing I could sing and dance. But I can't. ha Oh well I'll settle for NYC Broadway any day. If you haven't seen this, go and rock onnn. Pretty sure dad had a good time. He needed a fun night after dealing with my stuff all week.

Pork n Waffles at the Sugar and Plumms Restaurant - Delish
 Of course we made a trip to the mother of all department stores - Macy's. I may have picked out a little something for myself. It's been a long week and my Rebecca Minkoff bag may have fallen into a slice of greasy pizza. I think it can be cleaned..but I don't want to talk about it haha the casualties of NYC. Anyway this Coach Madison Cafe bag is such a great bag, and WILL NOT stain (like my nude RM bag). It was 25% off and I don't have a nice big black bag like this. Definitely a practical and stylish buy.
Madison Cafe Carryall - The name is quite fitting right?  
Wish me luck Saturday! Hoping everything continues to fall into place. I've met some very welcoming helpful people this week and I can't wait to finally get settled in.


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