Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Valentines' Day To-Dos

V- day y'all

Now I have had my fair share of Valentine's Day fun both single and with someone special. Although the day makes you feel like you NEED to be drawing hearts all over someone, there's other things you can do to get in the holiday spirit.
  1. Make a fabulous breakfast - Whether it's for you or someone special, make breakfast. Now I'm not talking about heating up an Eggo Waffle..Actually make it. I think I could eat breakfast foods all day if I wanted to. This year I'm thinking of doing a V-day brunch yumm.
  2. Slip on your favorite undies - You know you have some ;) Then dance to Beyonce. haha
  3. Feel and look beautiful - Treat yourself and pick up a new perfume, lipgloss, or makeup.
  4. Make something sweet - Chocolate covered strawberries are so easy to make...or chocolate covered anything works too..
  5. Add some flowers to your decor - I absolutely love flowers in my room. They add color and depending on the flower, a floral scent. This summer I found a flower shop with GIANT sunflowers (they looked like dinner plates). I could use a few of those.
  6. Make an old fashion V-day card - For anyone! Surprise someone you love with a handcrafted card. There's tons of supplies at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or craft store. I am busting out my hot glue gun and glitter this year!
  7. Pretty drinks - Who doesn't like those? Sip on a glass of wine or get creative and make your own concoction. I want to try a few of these that I've pinned.
  8. Dress Up - Think pink, girly, flirty, romantic styles. 
  9. Wear something sparkly - Maybe you will catch someone's eye ;) 
  10. Have fun! Go out with your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend..WHOEVER and just have a good time.
Last year I went out with a few girlfriends and we made cards for each other and drank margaritas. Valentine's may seem like a cheesy holiday, but I think of it as a way to appreciate those around you. So go spend time with loved ones and make someone feel special.

xo Victoria


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