Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today has been quite a relaxing care-free Sunday. My family went to run a few errands in town so I had the entire day to myself. It was a great day for going through emails, organizing my explosion of a room, catching up on shows, and reading my favorite blogs. I even became a chef and made this delicious snack earlier. It is a lemon blueberry protein pancake nommmm nomm! I was super easy and it was soo have got to try this. A few people asked me about the recipe, so I thought I'd share it on here.

3 tb of egg whites 
2 tb of greek yogurt
1 tb of high fiber oat bran
splenda, cinnamon, vanilla

Greek yogurt, lemon juice, spenda, blueberries

Mix the egg whites with a mixer until foamy and then add the rest...then cook like a regular pancake and top with whatever you'd like :) EASY Peasy

Top - Forever 21.  Necklace - Charming Charlie. Belt - TJMaxx. Skirt - H&M. Tights - Target. Boots - Tory Burch

This morning I went to church with my mom anddd I was running late! Luckily my curls stayed from the day before and I was able to quickly put myself together. This was one of my favorite outfits I wore to work a few times this past fall. It's polished and reminds of something you would find on Gossip Girl.  The ruffles really give this a girly Blair Waldorf feel. I also like the fact that I can throw on a sweater or jacket for those chilly days (rare). I still can't get over how I am going from 70 degrees and sunny, to NYC snow..blows my mind. Sorry for the squinty was really bright outside today.


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