Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bedroom Inspo

Today I wanted to share a few finds from Home Goods! It's time for a change and I am so excited about my new room. Most of my actual room things won't arrive until I move, but I wanted to get started on my bedding. Hopefully I should be able to spacebag it and ship it to NY without any issues.

The above images are a what sparked my new room idea. I absolutely love the faux fur seems to add a glamorous touch to just about any room.

Quilt/Shams - Cynthia Rowley. Grey Pillows - Tahari. Center Pillow - Calvin Klein.  Faux Fur Throw - Max Studio

I originally wanted a brown fur throw, but the ones I found online were $150 - $200! I am so glad I waited because this grey one was on sale for about $30 :) Muchhh better. The texture
is very soft, and it has a nice sheen to it.

The yellow quilt adds color, but I also found a plain white down comforter as well to keep things neutral if I decide to switch things out.

Ah I love these glitter pillows! JUST what I was looking for...They were nearly half price.

After our Home Goods expedition I went with my mom to the island house. It was sunny, butttt cold on the pier. I need to get used to this weather ASAP...Tonight there is suppose to be a cold front coming in and even a chance of snow! To all my Texas peeps, bundle up y'all burrr :)


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