Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Faces

Sweater: Chill Soho (

Summer time in the city calls for light makeup and easy going looks. Today I wanted to do something with my face but nothing too crazy. It's hot outside which means I am most likely going to sweat and I don't feel like dealing with the lovely after melted makeup effect.

Tarte BB Cream: Medium
Elf Cream Blush: heartbreaker
Elf Personal Blend Foundation: Medium
Elf Lifting Concealer: Light
Elf Radiance Enhancer: Sunrise

I went to the Elf Cosmetics Studio in East Village last weekend and FOUND SO MANY great things! I literally spend like $40 on about 20 different products. It was awesome. Everything ranges from $3-$5 and surprisingly it is actually good quality. I ran out of powder and normally I use Bare Minerals but the personal blend foundation by Elf works really well. I went ahead and grabbed the medium... there are small compartments that hold medium shades inside it so you can mix and match your own color. The cream blush blends really nicely and the radiance enhancer adds a nice sparkle to cheeks, eyes, and lips. I was looking for a BB Cream since that seems to be the latest thing and I found Tarte to be my favorite. It is very light and silky...i like. 


Elf Lipstick: Runway Pink
Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil: Frivolous  


Smashbox Mascara: Full Exposure Black
Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liners: Gold and Champagne

For the eyes I actually shaded my lid lightly with the gold liner and added some of the champagne color to highlight the top. Then I smudged it and blended it all in to add some shimmer. This look overall is a light pink bronzed color...perfect for the summer time!



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