Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Findings: Target

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it..."

OK nowww who did NOT think her super bowl performance was not just fabulous? If not, we aren't friends. haha I had to give my girl Bey a shout out for livening up our watching party at wings and more on does she move like that? Ah so great!

Anyway here are some recent finds I found at Target over the past month. I was SO happy to finally find the perfect high-low skirts. I absolutely love the neutral color...I wore it a few weekends ago and everyone had great things to say about it. January is a little early for me to wear the turquoise I feel, but I can't wait to wear it with the white lace top. It is such a pretty spring blue.

These fringe boots were on sale and are really a great find. I have been seeing a lot of fringe lately and these are the perfect comfortable height as well. They are only two weeks old and I have already worn them at least 5 times. The camel color goes with just about anything and even though they are a suede ish material, they still transition into spring nicely.

Once again...turquoise. I am seeing it and I am loving it. 

Spring Break was written all over this swimsuit. The tribal print really caught my eye along with the braided top. It fit perfectly and I am never one to pass up a good target swimsuit. There were a ton of options and I may go back a little later on closer to Spring Break to see if I can find any more inexpensive options.

Peplum flower FUN! That's what comes to mind with this top. The floral print is cute and I don't have any peplum tops. I know that has been a big thing lately so I figured I would get with the program and find one I really liked. I also like how the bottom back is longer so it is a bit easier to getaway with those tighter bottoms. (bootayyyy...not really..but kind of ha)

I know I have a million purses, but this was on super super sale and it literally was basically free. So I had to go with the bright orange. I figured it would go nicely with turquoise, navy, purples, or white. The ostrich look is great along with the size. It is a medium sized bag so it's not too big to take out or grab real quick for dinner or something.

Sabi always has great jewelry! I really liked all the different stone options...especially the tiger eye on the bottom right. I have worn the purple necklace a few times already and surprisingly it has a neutral quality about it.

Woohoo half way through the week! Hope everything is going great...2 more days until I am feelin 22 <3


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