Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look good feel good

Actually keeping up with my New Years Resolutions...


Lately my roommate and I have been on this health kick and I have to say I feel great! It was time I detox myself from my New York/Christmas break food baby and really get to work. This being my last semester I actually seem to have a little more time to put in that extra effort and really try to take care of myself. Also with spring break right around the corner it can never hurt to get that bootay in shape! Woowooo ;) 

Basically I have been going to the REC more and actually doing some of the things on my workout Pinterest board :P My KINE class this semester is aerobic step and I really enjoy having to motivates me to just stay longer and do abs or something else afterwards. 

I have been doing these workouts along with my step class. I found them on Pinterest but actually decided to give them a try...boy did I feel the BURN! A lot of them are ballet based and can be found on


For Christmas I got some new workout clothes and that was a nice little motivation to hit the gym more. All of this came from the Forever 21 new active wear line. It was all SUPER inexpensive and I am really pleased with the quality. They have a few things online but I found a wider selection at my home F21 store.

 These workout bottoms and tops are so comfy and cute...

 I have also been eating better and cooking more. Hopefully as the semester picks up I can continue to make time for that but sticking to low carb and veggies has helped. I have been eating a lot of meats, cheeses, low fat dairy, and vegetables. Basically lean proteins is the way to go!

I make these protein pancakes as a snack or even for a meal with steamed vegetables. It is super easy and fast. All you need is 3 tbs of egg whites, 2 tbs of Greek yogurt, 2 tbs of oats, and splenda or salt depending on if you want it sweet or salty. Wisk the egg first and then mix in the rest...pour in a skillet and cook on med about 3 mins on each side. They are surprisingly good..
I have kind of become obsessed with teas lately as well. I love the Lipton Green Tea or Sleepytime Chamomile. I will drink about 3-4 glasses a day..Hot or iced :)

 I made this last night for dinner...Stuffed avocados. It was delicious and the recipe is right here:
Lovely berries and cottage cheese. The perfect sweet and good for you dairy mix!

Obviously getting back into shape was one of my New Years Resolutions...what are some of yours? Does anyone have any favorite workout routines?
Have a great Wednesday!

xo Victoria


  1. These pics look great! I ve always wanted to try F21 workout gear. :)

    I love your stuffed avocados

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    I would love for you to come check it out and enter for a chance to win, as I am picking TWO winners!

    Have a lovely day :)



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