Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lets hear it for NEW YORK!

"These streets will make you feel brand new...Big lights will inspire you, lets hear it for New York..."

Goodbye New York! Ah it has been an incredible past 10 days in the I'm writing this I'm in the airport I waiting to depart to Austin. I learned a lot during my stay and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have such a great experience at the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund gala/dinner and at the National Retail Federation Retail's BIG show...I'll definitely have to do separate posts for those events. I have so many photos and thoughts I'd like to share. A new sense of confidence and an overall better idea of the retail industry is something I know I gained from my trip. It is nice to know what people are looking for and expect from those looking for a future career in buying/merchandising/mktg ect. 

 New friends is something I also found in New York. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly, especially to Texans haha I was able to snag a few discounts just for saying "y'all" and "howdy"...I'll take it :) All of the other students at the events were wonderful as well. I met a lot of students from FIT and FIDM, hopefully we can keep in touch. It's interesting to see what other design and fashion schools are up to. I made a lot of contacts that gave me some great advice and I am so thankful to have met so many amazing people.

Flashing Lights...

On my way to the Gossip Girl Tour! (Post that soon)
Jacket- Iman
Necklace- Dillards

Rockefeller Center

Obsessed with these girls!

As far as today, my roommate Lauren and I struggled with our baggage..but we managed to squeeze it all in. I found some great finds in NYC and I'll definitely have to post those as soon as I get back home. My roommate had lunch plans so I thought it would be fun to have a nice lunch at The Palace Hotel. I was sooo excited for this (being a HUGE Gossip Girl fan) and it was absolutely fabulous haha. I ate at the Madison room and bar ( where GG filmed a lot) and I felt like a princess.

 At first I'm sure they thought it was strange I was eating alone, but I did make some friends at The Palace. The waiter was a charming boy from Brooklyn studying at a university and was interning at the hotel. The other waiter addressed me as "Miss Galindo" as he brought my lunch (I like). Everyone asked where I was from and I was happy to find that Texas A&M brings smiles and lots of questions about our pride and joy Johnny Football...yes THE Johnny Football is quite famous in the Times Square area.

MoMa- Museum of Modern Art

Grand Central Station
My parents came...and we explored just about every steakhouse in town! The Capitol takes the award for BEST steak Mmm

Anyway this was a nice time to reflect on my trip and have kind of a self fulfilling moment...pretending in a way that this was my life. Lavish hotels, delicious food, and strolling up and down the streets of SOHO is definitely a life I could get used to...I ate my meal, looked around the hotel and made my way back to the Four Points. 

And here I am. On the plane heading back to Texas...howdy y'all.
xo Victoria
P.s Just got a new camera from the YMA Event :) Now I can post pretty pictures! So Excited


  1. Beautiful pics from NYC. I miss this city so much!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you checking out my blog...I am trying to get it started again :) Yours is great, love your style!


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