Thursday, January 17, 2013

A night at the Waldorf...301 Park Avenue

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you"-Oscar De La Renta

And in a way I kind of felt the need to take Mr. De La Renta's advice as I (along with the rest of theYMA Fashion Scholarship Fund winners) walked through the Waldorf Astoria's Grand Ballroom.  As we walked we passed designers, models, and retail was hard to believe this night finally came. This was a evening of celebration and an honor to be awarded a $5000 scholarship. The Waldorf Astoria was the perfect place to host the Gala/Dinner. Everything was just beautiful... In order to achieve this, students from selected schools were presented with a retail case to create their own private label line. At first this task seemed quite daunting, but luckily my LONG hours of work paid off.

Myspace selfie...had to my hair was huge!

There were two parts to the case competition, business and design. Being from a business school I did the merchandising/planning side of the case.  It was interesting to see what some of the other design students created. My roommate and I were joking before the gala that my pink nails were "unprofessional"...and in accounting yes...but not here. People were wearing bright colors, interesting hair styles, and this one guy even wore a cape. It was different, but I somehow felt home :)

View from my seat
Ya I basically had 5 of these haha

Dress- Antonio Melani   

I was so excited I had an excuse to buy this dress. It was part of my Christmas present and I absolutely love it! The beading is beautiful and it kind of reminds me of an elegant Great Gatsby dress. This will definitely be worn again...and again :) A classic.

Ohhh and they gave us all new cameras...SO now my pics won't be so fuzzy crummy. We were all really excited about this and most started using the cameras right away. The boxes were all pre-opened with a memory thoughtful.

One of the other winners!
The Silver Corridor...beautiful and Yes GG did film in here. Hence why I am obsessed with it haha
This was such a fun evening and a night to remember! Hopefully something soon will bring me back to a place like this, filled with the things I love...

Fashion, creativity, drive, beauty...I could go on and on..

xo Victoria

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